Junior News Archive: Part 3

19 March 2012

British Youth Go Championship

The 2012 British Youth Champion is Tian-Ren Chen, who regained the title after a gap of a year. Second was Adan Mordcovich and Silus Yufu Shi was the open/handicap winner at the BYGC. It was held on 18th March at Bloxham School. The results are available on the main BGA site

19 March 2012

Latest 2012 YGP Standings

The latest 2012 Youth Grand Prix points table is now up, after the British Youth Go Championship. Edmund Smith, aged 6, has taken the lead with 350, but with points from the Cambridge Novices still to be added in. Adan Mordcovich is in second with 340 and Anthony Ginca third with 285.

1 February 2012

First 2012 YGP Standings

The first 2012 Youth Grand Prix points table is now up, after the delayed 2011 Small Board Championship. Melchior Chui takes an early lead with maximum 100 points as he won all his games at the Small Board. Anthony Ghica is in second place with 85.

31 November 2011

Final YGP Standings

The 2011 Youth Grand Prix points table has been updated to include the London Open, the last event of the year. Adan Mordcovich stayed top with 756 points. Roella Smith was second with 406 and Owen Walker third with 312.

30 August 2011

Vanessa Makes European Team

Vanessa Wong has made the European Union Go Team to play in Beijing in China in December! She is still only 15, but was the best female player at the qualifier where she beat the professional Svetlana Shikshina to get her team place. She also had a good result at the World Youth Goe Championships in Romania, and was the top UK player at the European Go Congress in France. She certainly has has a busy summer!

27 June 2011

Adan wins UK Go Challenge

Adan Mordcovich from London was the new champion of the UK Go Challenge. He also won the Under-18 Boys section forcing Aston's Mazhar Warraich to take second in the section and overall. Hamzah Reta, also Aston was third overall and Under-16 Boys Champion. Aston also won the schools trophy and their Ibraheem Mustafa won Under-12 Boys. Thomas Meehan from Solihull won the Under-14 Boys. Milton School players cleaned up in the younger age groups and won the Junior School Cup. Roella Smith was Top Girl winning Under-12 and her sister Kelda won Under-8. Their brother Edmund, aged 6, won the Boys Under-8 and Mark Slatter won the Boys Under-10. There were prizes too to many others for good results or solving puzzles. A special award of UK Go Challenge Meijin Organiser was given to Mr Mike Lynn for supporting the event from its start up to his forthcoming retirement. Full Results

8 June 2011

GoGoD Offer

The Castledine-Barnes Trust have teamed up with GoGoD so that you can buy the the GoGoD (Games of Go on Disc) CD for only £7.50.

21 March 2011

BYGC Results

The results of the British Youth Go Championship are now on the BGA site. Congratulations to Mazhar Warraich, from Aston, who won the Champion's title.

6 March 2011

New Novel Features Go

The fifth book in the exciting Young Samurai series is out. Called "The Ring of Water", it has the hero Jack having to play a game of Go to save his life. Details are on the BGA's Young Samurai page.

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