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23-Nov: Oscar Selby wins Youth

The 2015 British Youth Go Championships (BYGC) featured 34 competitors, aged from 6 to 17 (including two foreign players currently resident in the UK), with strengths from 2 dan to 35 kyu.
King Edward VI (Aston) School, Birmingham, was again the venue, thanks to Andrew Russell.
All games were played on full-sized (19 by 19) boards.

To determine the overall winner, Oscar Selby had to play and beat Alex Terry in a rapid play-off game.

Section Winners (Runners Up)

Youth Champion: Oscar Selby (Alex Terry)
U18: Alex Benton (Kapriel Chiarini)
U16: Alex Terry (Hasan Nisar)
U14: Oscar Selby (Jack Nolan)
U12: Edmund Smith (Aidan Wong)

22-Nov: "Go Is the Game Machines Can’t Beat. Google’s Artificial Intelligence Whiz Hints That His Will."

An interesting article from <re/code> by Mark Bergen:

"When the world’s smartest researchers train computers to become smarter, they like to use games. Go, the two-player board game born in China more than two millennia ago, remains the nut that machines still can’t crack.

Enter Google’s nerds. Demis Hassabis, the artificial intelligence savant behind Google DeepMind, hinted in a video interview that his secretive team has cracked Go."

Read the whole article here:

22-Nov: UK Youth Go Team win 3-2 against Poland

The UK Youth Go team played Poland in the first round of the four round European Youth Online Team Championship and won 3-2. Lawrence had a tough game on board 1 against a strong dan player on the U18 board. However our strength in the U16s paid off with both Oscar and Alex winning their U16 boards. Both U12 boards were evenly matched in paper. Aidan had a close defeat but Alexander gained an easy win to clinch the match. The team will be playing Czechia next on 28 November.

21-Nov: BGJ 173 now available

The Autumn 2015 edition of the British Go Journal, number 173, is now available in the members' area as a PDF and should be soon arriving in the post with members (except for electronic only members).

16-Nov: Jitka wins at Stormy Three Peaks

The Three Peaks went very well at its current location of the Commodore in Grange-over-Sands, though it was a very wet and windy weekend. 32 players took part.

As organiser Bob Bagot is moving away from the town, next year will either have a new organiser or a new venue. Any volunteers contact Bob.

Jitka Bartova (2d Leamington) won the tournament with five wins out of five. Richard Hunter (2d Bristol) came second with four wins. Other prizes to Eggert Fruchtenicht (10k) for 5/5, Dave Horan (7k Chester) for 4/5 and Anthony Pitchford (10k Chester) for 3/4.

Roger Daniel galantly declined the wine or chocolates offered to him for being the first to enter.


25-Oct: Ngoc-Trang Cao wins the Wessex

Ngoc-Trang Cao (3d), the strong French player from Leamington Club, won the 2015 Wessex. She beat Jim Clare, Sandy Taylor and Richard Hunter to take the title. The only other player of the 34 entrants to win all three games was Roella Smith (9k) from Cambridge Juniors.

As before the venue was St Mark's Community Centre in Bath and the day was very sunny with a chance to explore the city centre or watch the marathon runners at lunch time.


18-Oct: North London wins International Teams again

The twice-yearly London International Teams match was back after a break in the spring. This time it was held at the venue of the new West London Go Club, the Young Chelsea Bridge Club, near to Goldhawk Road underground station in Shepherd's Bush.

North London Go Club was run-away winner, their A-team only dropping one game. This means they have now won the last three such team tournaments. Cambridge was second by virtue of their team captain having more wins than that of the North London B-team, whilst a fierce battle for last place was won by Nippon.

Individuals on three...

12-Oct: Alexei Likhtman

Reading Go Club player Alexei Likhtman, 44, died yesterday whilst in the USA.

Alexei, a Physics professor at Reading University, was in Baltimore for a conference. On Sunday 11th October he was exploring the Appalachian Trail in Maryland and was taking photographs at a beauty spot called Annapolis Rock. It seems he was jumping from rock to rock with a camera and tripod when at about 10:45 he tripped and fell 50 feet. Despite the efforts of other hikers and paramedics he died at the scene.

Alexei had moved to the UK from Moscow and had...

11-Oct: Yet Another Wall Win

The first Sheffield Go Tournament was surprisingly well attended (by 39), which meant they could afford to make modest cash prizes to the winner and runner-up. The winner was Alistair Wall (2d) and the runner up was Paul Smith (1d). On three wins were Matt Marsh (5k), Colin Maclennan (9k) and youth player Zaki Betesh (15k). The youth players were also awarded prizes for two wins (Jacob Haynes (15k), Daniel Gascoyne (18k), Tom Bradbury (19k) and Adam Powell (22k)). Lily Danson won a prize for being the youngest female player in the tournament. In a 13 by 13 side tournament, the overall winner was 10-year-old Edmund Smith (8k) and 10-year-old Yusuf Hussain (22k) played the most games – both won small cash prizes.


27-Sep: Exciting Start to British Title Match

There was a very exciting start to the British Go Championship Title Match on Saturday 26th September. It was between the top two players from the Challengers' League: Andrew Kay (5d) who is current Champion and Andrew Simons (4d). It was held in Cambridge, thanks to Geoff Kaniuk, with help of others from Cambridge Go Club, and was broatcast live on KGS.

By lunchtime, most people watching felt that Andrew Simons (playing black after winning nigiri) was comfortably ahead. However it was a quite remarkable game, with big exchanges and ko...

22-Sep: Joanne Leung does well at ESGC

Joanne Leung (2d) represented the UK at the European Students Go Championship, held at the Confucius Institute in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. She won three games out of five, including a half-point win over a 5d, to take 6th place out of 14. As second-highest female, she earns a place at the World Student Pair Go Championships in Tokyo this December. Joining her there will be Julia Seres of Hungary, Alexandr Vashurov of Russia and the event winner Peter Marko from Hungary.

Peter Marko won the event on tie-break from Austria's Viktor Lin. Lin earned support to the World Collegiate next July in Canada. Third place was taken by Mateusz Surma, who as a European professional cannot play in these events.


16-Sep: UK Team Start in B-League

We played our first match of the new season in the Pandanet Go European Teams after being promoted back to the B-League. The match was against the strong team of Hungary. Chong Han's opponent, Pal Balogh, did not show up on board one, giving the UK a won board. Unfortunately the other three were losses: Alex Kent lost to Rita Pocsai and Sandy Taylor lost to Peter Marko, both by resignation, and Jamie Taylor lost a close game to Zoltan Fodi by 2.5 points. This left us 8/12 in the league table.

League Page with game records

13-Sep: Third Win of Summer for Wall

Alistair Wall got his third tournament win of the summer by taking the Cornish Open title to add to those for Milton Keynes and the Northern. He won the Devon and Cornwall Go stone trophy for the fifth time by beating the previous winner, Toby Manning, in the final. Of the 21 players the others who won 3 games were West Cornwall players Ashlei Bevington (30k) and Jess Bevington (24k) and Jil Segerman (9k Arundel). Tony Atkins also won three games out of four, having played two games in round one. Results


07-Sep: Alistair Wall wins Northern for a Second Time

Alistair Wall (3d Wanstead) was the overall £100 winner at the 2015 Northern - repeating his victory of 2005. Runner-up (£50) was Mark Baoliang Zhang (1k Manchester). Also awarded prizes for three wins (£15) were David Wildgoose (10k Sheffield) and Daniel Huynh (14k Birmingham). Thirty players took part, including 16 from the Manchester club, and the bar was at 2 kyu. As in 2014, the venue was generously provided by the Bank of East Asia, in the centre of Manchester, and the prizes were sponsored by SAM Properties. About a dozen players gathered after the event for a meal (and some more Go) in Chinatown.


01-Sep: Isle of Man Go Festival is Over

The Isle of Man Go Festival has ended for the last time. This edition was the 12th since the event started in 1991, but with the recent sad death of founder Leo Phillips it has been decided this will be the last.

Again the players assembled at the Cherry Orchard in Port Erin, including several families and players from as far away as Sweden and Japan. There were events daytime and evening on most days, including a music evening, and also the chance to explore the island in between. Players competed in the events for unique wooden trophies (...

01-Sep: Aja and Joanne Take Gold at MSO

The 19th MSO at the JW3 on Finchley Road in London was dominated in the Go events by Aja Huang and Joanne Leung (shown right playing Lucretiu Calota).

In the first Go event, the 9x9 on the Sunday morning, Joanne Leung won all four games to take the gold medal. Silver went to the event arbiter Tony Atkins and bronze and junior gold went to Edmund Smith. Results

In the second event, the 13x13 on the Sunday afternoon, Aja Huang won the gold, pushing Joanne back to silver. London teenager Kapriel Chiarini took the bronze...

16-Aug: Calota wins at Arundel

After a year's gap because of the British Go Congress and European Youth at nearby Bognor, the Arundel Tournament was back. This time 24 players met up to play, again at the football club.

The winner was Lucretiu Calota (4d Romania) who beat Jon Diamond (3d) in the final round. Also winning all three games were Peter Collins (4k Bristol) and Charlotte Bexfield (10k Letchworth).

The 9x9 side event was won by Edmund Smith (on 4/4) and second was Charlotte Bexfield (on 2/5).


29-Jul: European Go Congress Gets Under Way

The European Go Congress is under way in Liberec in the Czech Republic.

The event got underway with the finals of the Pandanet Go European Teams. This was won by France on league-position tie-break from Ukraine. The home team and Romania took the other two places.

The European Championship and Open Championship are under way - news reports can be seen via the Congress Website.

On the evening of the 28th July, the EGF AGM was held. Toby Manning was the UK representative. It was possible to watch the meeting, whilst the various issues were discussed, via streaming from the Congress website.