2nd game in Championship match: Can Andrew beat Andrew to clinch the title?

Just to remind you that the second game of the BGA title match takes place on Saturday at about 10:00am. Once again the moves will be relayed live on KGS. Andrew Kay won the first game, so if he wins this he clinches the title for a second successive year.

It was pointed out to me (thank you Tony Colman) that not everyone knows how to access KGS, so allow me to explain:

  • Go to http://www.gokgs.com/
  • Click the big ‘Play Go Now!’ link.
  • Type in your name (or a pseudonym) and click the ‘Guest’ button.

(Well, it should be that simple. You may also have to click OK on various dire warnings about Java and Security, but if you are following these instructions it is safe to do so.)

That gets you on to KGS. A window opens containing a list of ‘Rooms’, but the good news is you should start in the ‘English Game Room’, which is where you need to be.

A room is basically a list of games, and the one you want should be at or near the top. You are looking for the one belonging to ‘BGAadmin’. Just click on BGAadmin and the game should open in another window.

From about 11:00am, Guo Juan will be giving a commentary and analysis on the game. That will happen in a second copy of the game, owned by ‘guojuan’ rather than ‘BGAadmin’. To find that, you need to go back to the English Game Room.

If you want to watch, I suggest you try getting onto KGS now (or some other time in advance) to make sure it works.

Note that, as well as just clicking the ‘Play Go Now!’ link on http://www.gokgs.com/, there is an alternative which is to click the ‘Download the Client and SGF Editor’ link a bit further down the page. That is better once you get it working, but a bit more hassle to get started.

Last updated Fri Nov 22 2013. If you have any comments, please email the webmaster on web-master AT britgo DOT org.