Pair Go in Europe

European Pair Go Championships

The first European Pair Go Championship (EPGC) was held in Amsterdam in 1995. Since 1997 it has been a regular event, hosted by a different country each year. So far it has been in France, Netherlands, Czechia, Bosnia, Poland and Romania. The 2005 EPGC was held at Hitachi in Maidenhead. Typically teams from about 15 countries take part. Since 2004 they have been competing for points, as well as prizes, to allow their country to qualify for the World championships.

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  • 1997 Amsterdam, Netherlands Results
  • 1999 Cannes, France Results
  • 2000 Brno, Czechia Results
  • 2001 Banja Luka, Bosnia Results
  • 2002 Cannes, France Results
  • 2003 Wodzislaw, Poland Results
  • 2004 Drobeta-Turnu Severin, Romania Results Report/pictures
  • 2005 Maidenhead, UK Results
  • 2006 Berlin, Germany Results
  • 2007 Moscow - St Petersburg, Russia Results
  • 2008 Cracow, Poland Results
  • 2009 Prague, Czechia Results
  • 2010 St Petersburg, Russia Results
  • 2011 Istanbul, Turkey Results
  • 2012 Lyon, France Results
  • 2013 Amsterdam, Netherlands Results
  • UK Representatives

    The official UK representatives at the EPGC are selected on a points system based on the Pair's results at the British Pair Go championships. Their results are also listed.

    Pair Go at the European Go Congress

    Since 1992 there has been a Pair Go Championship at the annual European Go Congress. This was usually a friendly event with handicap games and lots of entries, even though it was held on one of the days off from the main event, but in 2011 became more serious with prize money.

    Scan of photo report from Dublin in 2001

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    Pair Go at the European Youth Go Championships 2014

    During the 2014 EYGC at Bognor Regis, an informal Pair Go tournament was held. It attracted ten pairs from various countries and with a miz of ages. Report Results Photos

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