Toby Manning

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07798 825299
3 dan

Toby learned the rules of Go when he was a teenager in the 1960’s, but it was when he went to Cambridge in 1971 that he first really concentrated on the game. During his three years at University he got to be 1 kyu, and was firstly secretary then President of the University Go Society. He organised the first Cambridge Go Tournament (subsequently called the Trigantius).

His career then took him to Bristol, London, Leamington and Leicester, and in all places he was a keen member of the local club. He helped arrange each Club’s tournaments – the Wessex, London Open, Warwick and Leicester – and has organised three British Congresses as well as many Three Peaks Tournaments.

He got to be 3 dan in 1994, when he won his first tournament (the Three Peaks) although recently he has been playing at 2 dan; in 2002 he won the Irish Open. He has also won tournaments in Cornwall and Cheshire.

He was a Council member from 1976 to 1979 when he was elected President following Brian Castledine’s death, serving for 4 years. He rejoined Council in 2008, during which year he was non-playing captain for the UK Go team at the First World Mind Sports Games in Beijing.

He is married to (non go-playing) Felicity, with no children.

17 February 2010

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