16. Communications

16.1 Bulk Communications

We send official information to our members via

  • the British Go Journal
  • announcements on our website (our RSS feed) - this is automatically fed to our Facebook page
  • the (electronic) Newsletter
  • directly by email to our members. Note: We use the email address notified to our Membership Secretary.

Now, none of these provide any general feedback mechanisms for our members, so in addition we also use the bga-policy mailing list, which is restricted to members and for which we guarantee to provide a response in a reasonable time-scale.

Members may also use this mailing list to contact Council and other members in general.

The Gotalk mailing list is not such an official channel.

16.2 Individual communications

A list of contact persons with addresses and phone numbers is published in our publications and on our website. We expect the named people to respond to you in a reasonable time-scale. It's helpful if you direct initial queries to the specific official involved, rather than Council in general.

Requests for information to specific people or Council via the Gotalk mailing list may or may not get a response in a ‘reasonable’ timescale, since apart from anything else they may get lost in the torrent of emails in some people’s inboxes. [This even assumes that all Council members read Gotalk of course, which is not guaranteed.]

Note: we hope to respond to all queries within a few days, but 'reasonable time-scale' depends on the nature of the query, whether the person contacted is on holiday etc., so you can't always expect a response within a week and perhaps longer. Please be patient with us as we're all volunteers.

If you don't get a response in what you think is a reasonable time-scale then escalate the query to the Committee Chairman involved or to our President.

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