Go Problems on the Web

BGA Go calendar for 1977

12 difficult problems: graphic and ascii versions.


A collection of over 1,000 problems, including the famous Korean Problem Academy and Ancient Wei-qi Patterns.


Over 9,000 problems. A good variety of problems, in an interactive format. You can see the solution, and have the latter shown in a choice of several formats. Anyone can add new problems to the site.


Two new problems each week by top Japanese amateur Minoru Harada; answers the following week. Over 500 problems so far. The site has separate Japanese and English language sections.

The IGS-PandaNet go server

Each of these pages leads to 20 life and death problems.

Sensei’s Library

Various problems and sets of problems. In particular, see:

Steve Bailey’s problem of the month

A problem for every month from January 1996 to December 2005.

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