Last 12 months Tournament Reports

Tournament Posting Titlesort icon Tournament Date
Not The London Open Annti Tormanen 1p at Not the London Open 25 May 2019
British Go Congress British Go Congress Held in Manchester 5 April 2019
UK Go Challenge Finals Cakes and Tournament Celebrate 25 Years 13 October 2019
British Small Board Cambridge Dominate British Small Board 13 October 2019
Wessex Chao Zhang Wins the Wessex 28 October 2018
WAGC China Wins WAGC 2 June 2019
Northern Chinese Strong in Northern 21 October 2018
Edinburgh Christmas Club President Wins in Edinburgh 15 December 2018
Durham Durham Tournament at 25 15 June 2019
Harpenden First Harpenden Won by Chao Zhang 24 March 2019
Cheshire Fischer Time Trialled at Cheshire Tournament 2 February 2019
Maidenhead Fun and Games at Maidenhead 19 January 2019
Trigantius Improved Entry at Trigantius 9 March 2019
Irish Go Congress Irish Open Runs Smoothly 22 March 2019
Pandanet Go European Team Championship Jamie Taylor Only Winner Against Belgium 20 November 2018
British Pair Go Joanne and Bruno Make it a Double 8 June 2019
Pandanet Go European Team Championship Joanne Wins Debut in League Against Austria 22 January 2019
Arundel Joint Winners at Arundel 21 September 2019
Bar-Low LGC Hosts Kyu Players Weekend 4 May 2019
Nottingham Local Teacher from Japan Wins Nottingham 11 May 2019
London Open London Open Under Way 28 December 2018
Leo Phillips Go Festival Narrow win for Richard Hunter in Isle of Man 11 August 2019
Pandanet Go European Team Championship Norway Beaten Four-Nil 19 March 2019
MSO Not All Go at MSO 23 August 2019
London Open Oh Chi-Min Wins Third London Open 28 December 2018
Scottish Peikai Xue wins a Swiss Scottish Open 25 May 2019
Swindon Peikai Xue Wins Swindon 28 September 2019
Coventry Philip Leung Wins Coventry Again 24 November 2018
Oxford Relaunched Oxford Tournament a Success 18 May 2019
Sheffield Tetsuro Yoshitake Wins Wet Sheffield 29 September 2019
Three Peaks Three Peaks Ends in Tie 3 November 2018
Cornwall Toby Wins Cornwall Again 7 September 2019
Challengers' Two Andrews to Play Title Match 25 May 2019
Pandanet Go European Team Championship UK Beaten by Sweden 16 April 2019
Pandanet Go European Team Championship UK Draw with Turkey Avoids Relegation 7 May 2019
Pandanet Go European Team Championship UK Draws with the Swiss 16 February 2019
Pandanet Go European Team Championship UK Lose to Strong Serbian Team 30 October 2018
Pandanet Go European Team Championship UK Team Slump to Bottom of B-League 11 December 2018
WAGC WAGC Under Way 2 June 2019
Welsh Open Welsh Run Out of Beer 22 June 2019
British Youth Go Championship Youth Championship Grows in Size 1 December 2018
T Mark Hall Rapid Zhang Chao Lectures after T Mark Hall Rapid 7 September 2019