Representatives at International Tournaments

The Association is asked to nominate official representatives for various international tournaments. There are separate pages giving the details of who has been nominated for each tournament, listed below.

In some cases we operate a points system for deciding receives future nominations. When this is the case the pages below also give details of players’ current points.

Note: All representatives in IGF events (WAGC, IAPGC, WMSG and KPMC as at December 2010) need to abide by the IGF Code of Conduct, which can be seen on the IGF Members Documents page. In addition most of these events require us to nominate UK citizens.

Note: The International Go Federation Statutes, as of August 2015, state in article 20: "A player may not represent a second country or territory in any IGF-sponsored international competitions for at least five years after representing a different country or territory.”

World Tournaments

European Tournaments

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