Devon Tournament: Results 1998

Tournament Name: 
Tournament Date: 
5 July 1998

Held at Moorlands Hotel, Haytor Vale.

Bar at 1-dan.

1Antonio Moreno4DBristol8+6+2+3
2Tony Atkins2DReading9+5+1-2
3Michael Marz1DBirmingham6-11+5+2
4John Culmer1KCornwall10+8+7+2
5Gerry Mills1DMonmouth11+2-3-1
6Graham Clemow1DTaunton3+1-10-1
7Peter Collins1KS. Cotswolds13+9+4-1
8John Fairbairn2DLondon1-4-11+1
9Tony Putman1DDevon2-7-12+1
10Mathias Kegelmann1KBirmingham4-13+6+1
11Mike Harvey2DWinchester5-3-8-0
12Tom Widdicombe3KDevon14+16+9--1
13Fred Holroyd2KOpen Univ7-10-14--2
14Dave Cohen5KWinchester12-15-13+-4
15Richard Helyer8KOxford16+14+17+-5
16Sarah Jackson8KWinchester15-12-18--8
17Tim Varley11KCornwall20+18+15--9
18Mark Joseph11KPlymouth19+17-16+-9
19Ali Culmer11KCornwall18- 20+-10
20Michael Davis15KPlymouth17-21+19--14
22David Collins30KS. Cotswolds21- 21--30

Handicap games at the bottom of the draw played as appropriate.

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