Trigantius 1998: results

Tournament Name: 
Tournament Date: 
1 March 1998
RankNameGradeClubWinsMMSRound 1Round 2Round 3
1=Des Cann 4 danLeamington Spa35beat Yongcheol Shin beat Charles Matthews beat Seong-June Kim
1=Matthew Cocke 5 danLiverpool 35beat Seong-June Kim beat Yongcheol Shin beat Francis Roads
3=Charles Matthews 3 danCambridge 24beat John Fairbairn lost to Des Cann beat Tony Atkins
3=T Mark Hall 4 danBristol 24lost to John Rickard beat Michael Charles beat Alex Selby
3=John Rickard 4 danCambridge 24beat T Mark Hall lost to Francis Roads beat John Fairbairn
3=Francis Roads 4 danWanstead 24beat Alex Selby beat John Rickard lost to Matthew Cocke
7=Tony Atkins 2 danReading 23beat Michael Zhang beat Gerhart Stettner lost to Charles Matthews
7=Michael Zhang 2 danCLGC 23lost to Tony Atkins beat Charles Leedham-Green beat Michael Charles
7=Jaeshin Park 2 danCambridge 23lost to Michael Charles beat Eddie Smithers beat Bob Bagot
7=Alex Selby 3 danCambridge 13lost to Francis Roads beat Alan Thornton lost to T Mark Hall
7=Yongcheol Shin 4 danCambridge 13lost to Des Cann lost to Matthew Cocke beat Gerhart Stettner
7=Seong-June Kim 6 danCambridge 13lost to Matthew Cocke beat Bob Bagot lost to Des Cann
13=Ian Marsh 1 kyuBracknell 32beat Geoff Kaniuk beat Paul Clarke beat Pengfei He
13=Clive Wright 1 danCambridge 22beat Gerry Mills lost to John Fairbairn beat Alan Thornton
13=Michael Marz 1 danBirmingham 22lost to Charles Leedham-Green beat Tony Warburton beat Christian Scarff
13=Dan Micsa 1 danReading 22lost to Robert Salkeld beat Nick Wedd beat Gerry Mills
13=John Fairbairn 2 danCLGC 12lost to Charles Matthews beat Clive Wright lost to John Rickard
13=Michael Charles 2 danSt Albans 12beat Jaeshin Park lost to T Mark Hall lost to Michael Zhang
13=Bob Bagot 2 danManchester 12beat Alan Thornton lost to Seong-June Kim lost to Jaeshin Park
13=Gerhart Stettner 2 danCLGC 12beat Tony Warburton lost to Tony Atkins lost to Yongcheol Shin
21=Eddie Smithers 1 danLeicester jigo against Paul Barnard lost to Jaeshin Park beat Geoff Kaniuk
21=Paul Barnard 1 danSwindon jigo against Eddie Smithers lost to Pengfei He beat Charles Leedham-Green
23=Martin Harvey 2 kyuManchester 31beat Dave Strowlger beat David Lorking beat Robert Salkeld
23=Mathias Kegelmann 1 kyuBirmingham 21lost to Nick Wedd beat Steve Bailey beat Tony Warburton
23=Pengfei He 1 kyuCambridge 21beat David Lorking beat Paul Barnard lost to Ian Marsh
23=Christian Scarff 1 kyuSwindon 21beat Helen Harvey beat Matthew Woodcraft lost to Michael Marz
23=Nick Wedd 1 kyuOxford City 21beat Mathias Kegelmann lost to Dan Micsa beat Paul Clarke
23=Charles Leedham-Green 1 danWanstead 11beat Michael Marz lost to Michael Zhang lost to Paul Barnard
23=Gerry Mills 1 danMonmouth 11lost to Clive Wright beat Robert Salkeld lost to Dan Micsa
23=Alan Thornton 2 danSt Albans 01lost to Bob Bagot lost to Alex Selby lost to Clive Wright
31=Steve Bailey 2 kyuWest Surrey 20beat Howard Manning lost to Mathias Kegelmann beat Michael Vetter
31=Sue Patterson 2 kyuCLGC 20lost to Paul Clarke beat Howard Manning beat Richard Mullens
31=Matthew Woodcraft 2 kyuCambridge 20beat Michael Vetter lost to Christian Scarff beat Helen Harvey
31=Geoff Kaniuk 1 kyuCLGC 10lost to Ian Marsh beat Tim Hunt lost to Eddie Smithers
31=Paul Clarke 1 kyuHigh Wycombe 10beat Sue Patterson lost to Ian Marsh lost to Nick Wedd
31=Tim Hunt 1 kyuCambridge 10not in roundlost to Geoff Kaniuk beat David Lorking
31=Robert Salkeld 1 kyuNo Club 10beat Dan Micsa lost to Gerry Mills lost to Martin Harvey
31=Tony Warburton 1 danCambridge 00lost to Gerhart Stettner lost to Michael Marz lost to Mathias Kegelmann
39=Michael Vetter 2 kyuCLGC 1-1lost to Matthew Woodcraft beat Helen Harvey lost to Steve Bailey
39=Dave Strowlger 2 kyuWanstead 1-1lost to Martin Harvey lost to Richard Mullens beat Howard Manning
39=Helen Harvey 1 kyuManchester 0-1lost to Christian Scarff lost to Michael Vetter lost to Matthew Woodcraft
39=David Lorking 1 kyuWanstead 0-1lost to Pengfei He lost to Martin Harvey lost to Tim Hunt
43=Richard Mullens 4 kyuStevenage 2-2beat Pierre Chartier beat Dave Strowlger lost to Sue Patterson
43=Pierre Chartier 4 kyuCambridge 2-2lost to Richard Mullens beat David Hall beat Matthew Reid
43=Howard Manning 2 kyuCambridge 0-2lost to Steve Bailey lost to Sue Patterson lost to Dave Strowlger
46=Mark Dalgarno 5 kyuCambridge 2-3lost to Matthew Reid beat Neil Masson beat David Hall
46=Matthew Reid 5 kyuCambridge 2-3beat Mark Dalgarno beat Elinor Brooks lost to Pierre Chartier
48=Jim Edwards 7 kyuHigh Wycombe 3-4beat Mark Worthington beat Stephen Wells beat Elinor Brooks
48=David Hall 4 kyuBracknell 0-4lost to Paul Howard lost to Pierre Chartier lost to Mark Dalgarno
50=Sarah Jackson 8 kyuHursley 2 3-6 -5beat Angus Macindoe beat Alex Ridgeon beat lost to Stephen Wells*
50=Neil Masson 6 kyuHursley 1-5lost to Elinor Brooks lost to Mark Dalgarno beat Mark Worthington
50=Elinor Brooks 6 kyuSwindon 1-5beat Neil Masson lost to Matthew Reid lost to Jim Edwards
53=Paul Howard 8 kyuCambridge 2-6beat David Hall lost to Mark Worthington beat Alex Ridgeon
53=Mark Worthington 7 kyuCambridge 1-6lost to Jim Edwards beat Paul Howard lost to Neil Masson
53=Stephen Wells 7 kyuCambridge 2 1-5 -6beat Alex Ridgeon lost to Jim Edwards lost to beat Sarah Jackson*
56=Angus Macindoe 9 kyuBlack Horse 2-7lost to Sarah Jackson beat Robert Jack beat Andrea Smith
56=Alex Ridgeon 7 kyuCambridge 0-7lost to Stephen Wells lost to Sarah Jackson lost to Paul Howard
58Robert Jack 9 kyuCambridge 1-8lost to Andrea Smith lost to Angus Macindoe beat Pauline Bailey
59Andrea Smith 11 kyuCambridge 2-9beat Robert Jack beat Pauline Bailey lost to Angus Macindoe
60=David Firth 12 kyuCambridge 1-11lost to Pauline Bailey lost to William Brooks beat Patrick Ribbonds
60=Pauline Bailey 12 kyuWest Surrey 1-11beat David Firth lost to Andrea Smith lost to Robert Jack
62=Ben Morris 14 kyuJunior Club 2-12beat Jonathan Medlock lost to Patrick Ribbonds beat William Brooks
62=William Brooks 14 kyuJunior Club 2-12beat Patrick Ribbonds beat David Firth lost to Ben Morris
64Patrick Ribbonds 14 kyuCambridge 1-13lost to William Brooks beat Ben Morris lost to David Firth
65James Murray 18 kyuCambridge 3-15beat Alistair Brooks beat Oliver Edwards beat Paul Russell
66Jonathan Medlock 17 kyuCambridge 1-16lost to Ben Morris lost to Paul Russell beat Oliver Edwards
67Paul Russell 23 kyuCambridge 2-21beat Oliver Edwards beat Jonathan Medlock lost to James Murray
68Alistair Brooks 22 kyuSwindon 0-22lost to James Murray not in roundnot in round
69Oliver Edwards 23 kyuHigh Wycombe 0-23lost to Paul Russell lost to James Murray lost to Jonathan Medlock

* Due to spot of incompetence by the tournament director this result was entered into the computer the wrong way round. Sarah was kind enough to point this out to me later, but instead of letting me sweep it under the carpet she asked to have this page updated. Obviously, since it was my mistake she keeps her prize.

Team Tournament

Players were allowed to form themselves into teams of 4 to compete for this title and the winning team was the one that won most games in the main tournament.

Untouchables III
Mark Dalgarno011
Matthew Woodcraft101
Mark Worthington010
Robert Salkeld100
The Partially Unalarmed
Bob Bagot100
Paul Barnard1/201
Helen Harvey000
Martin Harvey111
High Wycombe +
Jim Edwards111
Paul Clarke100
Oliver Edwards000
Elinor Brooks100

13×13 Tournament

This was played according the "Sonoyama Competition" rules which the Cambridge Club favours.

NameGradeGames wonGames played
William Brooks14 kyu1518
Jonathan Medlock17 kyu1114
James Murray18 kyu811
Stephen Wells7 kyu511
Tim Hunt1 kyu47
Robert Jack9 kyu48
Paul Russell23 kyu37
Ben Morris14 kyu39
Angus Macindoe9 kyu24
Sarah Jackson8 kyu11
Charles Matthews3 dan12
Paul Barnard1 dan12
Alistair Brooks22 kyu12
Paul Smith2 dan13
Matthew Woodcraft2 kyu13
David Firth12 kyu19
Mark Worthington7 kyu01
Elinor Brooks6 kyu02
Alex Ridgeon7 kyu02
Pauline Bailey12 kyu02
Patrick Ribbands14 kyu03

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