Irish Open 1999: Results

Tournament Name: 
Irish Open
Tournament Date: 
20 March 1999 - 21 March 1999
NoNameGradeCo12345winsposnGP points
1Matthew Macfadyen6Eng+9+8+2+3+45115
2Eduardo Herrero6Arg+7+6-1-4+83212
3Francis Roads4Eng-6+14+12-1-5265
4David Ward3Eng-8+9+11+2-1348
5Tony Atkins2Eng-12-11+14-6+3283
6Michael Marz2D+3-2-8+5+7356
7Paul Smith2Eng-2-12+13+11-6274
8Andrew Grant2Eng+4-1+6+9-23310
9Noel Mitchell2Ire-1-4+10-8-111  
10Baron Allday1Wal-14-18-9+22+162  
11Ruud Stoelman1NL+13+5-4-7+9392
12Ralf Tiefenthaler1D+5+7-3-16+143101
13Colin Adams1Eng-11+16-7-14+182  
14Scott Hopkins1USA+10-3-5+13-122  
16Mathias Kegelmann1kD+21-13+18+12-103  
18Chris Rafferty1kIre-26+10-16+24-132  
19Brian Gallagher1kIre    +201  
20Bernard Palmer1kIre    -190  
21Fred Holroyd2kEng-16-22+3k-5k-5k1  
22Donald McLeod2kSco-24+21+23-10+5k3  
23John Gibson2kIre  -22-13k 0  

Top results only: "Nk" means an unlisted opponent graded N-kyu.

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