Trigantius 1999: Results

Tournament Name: 
Tournament Date: 
7 March 1999
RankName Grade ClubWinsMMSRound 1Round 2Round 3
1Seong-June Kim 6 danCambridge 36beat Michael Zhang beat Y K Kim beat T Mark Hall
2=Des Cann 4 danLeamington 25lost to T Mark Hall beat David Ward beat John Rickard
2=T Mark Hall 4 danBristol 25beat Des Cann beat Piers Shepperson lost to Seong-June Kim
2=Y K Kim 5 danLondon 25beat John Rickard lost to Seong-June Kim beat Francis Roads
2=Piers Shepperson 5 danCLGC 25beat Francis Roads lost to T Mark Hall beat Yukihiro Kusano
6=Charles Matthews 3 danCambridge 24lost to David Ward beat Michael Charles beat Bob Bagot
6=Toby Manning 3 danLeamington 24beat Arend Bayer lost to Francis Roads beat David Ward
6=Arend Bayer 3 danCambridge 24lost to Toby Manning beat Martin Smith beat Michael Zhang
6=Francis Roads 4 danWanstead 14lost to Piers Shepperson beat Toby Manning lost to Y K Kim
6=John Rickard 4 danCambridge 14lost to Y K Kim beat Alan Thornton lost to Des Cann
11=Alison Jones 2 danWanstead 23lost to Alan Thornton beat Weed beat Martin Smith
11=Bob Bagot 2 danManchester 23beat Tony Atkins beat John Fairbairn lost to Charles Matthews
11=Michael Charles 2 danSt Albans 23beat David Woodnutt lost to Charles Matthews beat John Fairbairn
11=Alan Thornton 2 danSt Albans 23beat Alison Jones lost to John Rickard beat Andrew Grant
11=Simon Goss 2 danBracknell 23lost to John Fairbairn beat Henry Segerman beat David Woodnutt
11=Michael Zhang 3 danCLGC 13lost to Seong-June Kim beat Tony Atkins lost to Arend Bayer
11=David Ward 3 danCambridge 13beat Charles Matthews lost to Des Cann lost to Toby Manning
11=Yukihiro Kusano 5 danCambridge 03not in roundnot in roundlost to Piers Shepperson
19=Nick Wedd 1 kyuOxford City 32beat David Lorking beat Tony Warburton beat Dan Micsa
19=Jonathan Chin 1 kyuCambridge 32beat Gerry Mills beat Robert Salkeld beat Henry Segerman
19=Gerry Mills 1 danMonmouth 22lost to Jonathan Chin beat Mike Nash beat Weed
19=Baron Allday 1 danWest Wales 22lost to Henry Segerman beat Simon Bexfield beat Tony Atkins
19=John Fairbairn 2 danCLGC 12beat Simon Goss lost to Bob Bagot lost to Michael Charles
19=David Woodnutt 2 danOU 12lost to Michael Charles beat Tim Hunt lost to Simon Goss
19=Martin Smith 2 danNLGC 12beat Andrew Grant lost to Arend Bayer lost to Alison Jones
19=Andrew Grant 2 danOU 12lost to Martin Smith beat Dan Micsa lost to Alan Thornton
27=Edward Blockley 2 kyuWorcester 31beat Nick Fortescue beat Geoff Kaniuk beat David Lorking
27=Robert Salkeld 1 kyuNo Club 21beat Helen Harvey lost to Jonathan Chin beat Mike Nash
27=Geoff Kaniuk 1 kyuCLGC 21beat Martin Harvey lost to Edward Blockley beat Tim Hunt
27=Henry Segerman 1 danManchester 11beat Baron Allday lost to Simon Goss lost to Jonathan Chin
27=Dan Micsa 1 danReading 11beat Simon Bexfield lost to Andrew Grant lost to Nick Wedd
27=Tony Warburton 1 danCambridge 11lost to Weed lost to Nick Wedd beat Helen Harvey
27=Weed 1 danBillericay 11beat Tony Warburton lost to Alison Jones lost to Gerry Mills
27=Tony Atkins 2 danReading 01lost to Bob Bagot lost to Michael Zhang lost to Baron Allday
35=Howard Manning 2 kyuCambridge 20beat Fred Holroyd lost to Helen Harvey beat Alexander Bell
35=Mike Nash 1 kyuNLGC 10beat Roger Daniel lost to Gerry Mills lost to Robert Salkeld
35=Martin Harvey 1 kyuManchester 10lost to Geoff Kaniuk lost to David Lorking beat Shigeru Fujita
35=Helen Harvey 1 kyuManchester 10lost to Robert Salkeld beat Howard Manning lost to Tony Warburton
35=Tim Hunt 1 kyuCambridge 10beat Steve Bailey lost to David Woodnutt lost to Geoff Kaniuk
35=David Lorking 1 kyuBillericay 10lost to Nick Wedd beat Martin Harvey lost to Edward Blockley
35=Simon Bexfield 1 danCLGC 00lost to Dan Micsa lost to Baron Allday not in round
42=Frank Visser 4 kyuCambridge 3-1beat Neil Masson beat Steve Bailey beat Thomas Blockley
42=Steve Bailey 2 kyuWest Surrey 1-1lost to Tim Hunt lost to Frank Visser beat Matthew Reid
42=Fred Holroyd 2 kyuOU 1-1lost to Howard Manning lost to Alexander Bell beat Ron Bell
42=Alexander Bell 2 kyuOxford 1-1not in roundbeat Fred Holroyd lost to Howard Manning
42=Shigeru Fujita 1 kyuCambridge 0-1not in roundnot in roundlost to Martin Harvey
47=Mark Dalgarno 5 kyuCambridge 3-2beat Paul Kersey beat Roger Daniel beat Kim Rutherford
47=Thomas Blockley 4 kyuWorcester 2-2beat Ron Bell beat Kim Rutherford lost to Frank Visser
47=Matthew Reid 4 kyuCambridge 2-2beat Bill Streeten beat Nick Fortescue lost to Steve Bailey
47=Nick Fortescue 3 kyuWest Surrey 1-2lost to Edward Blockley lost to Matthew Reid beat David Hall
51=Paul Kersey 5 kyuYork 2-3lost to Mark Dalgarno beat Phillipe Bourrez beat Roger Daniel
51=Bill Streeten 4 kyuBillericay 1-3lost to Matthew Reid lost to David Hall beat Neil Masson
51=David Hall 4 kyuBracknell 1-3lost to Kim Rutherford beat Bill Streeten lost to Nick Fortescue
51=Kim Rutherford 4 kyuCambridge 1-3beat David Hall lost to Thomas Blockley lost to Mark Dalgarno
51=Ron Bell 4 kyuReading 1-3lost to Thomas Blockley beat Francis Weaver lost to Fred Holroyd
56=Phillipe Bourrez 6 kyuCambridge 2-4beat Anthony Pitchford lost to Paul Kersey beat Mark Worthington
56=Francis Weaver 6 kyuBrakenhale 2-4beat Robert Jack lost to Ron Bell beat Jose F Santiago
56=Robert Jack 6 kyuCambridge 2-4lost to Francis Weaver beat Jose F Santiago beat Elinor Brooks
56=Neil Masson 5 kyuHursley 1-4lost to Frank Visser beat Elinor Brooks lost to Bill Streeten
56=Roger Daniel 4 kyuHampstead 0-4lost to Mike Nash lost to Mark Dalgarno lost to Paul Kersey
61=Anthony Pitchford 6 kyuChester 1-5lost to Phillipe Bourrez lost to Mark Worthington beat Alex Ridgeon
61=Mark Worthington 6 kyuCambridge 1-5lost to Elinor Brooks beat Anthony Pitchford lost to Phillipe Bourrez
61=Elinor Brooks 6 kyuSwindon 1-5beat Mark Worthington lost to Neil Masson lost to Robert Jack
64=Michael Thomas 9 kyuCambridge 3-6beat Thomas Wolfe beat Guy Footring beat Emma Marchant
64=Jose F Santiago 7 kyuOU 1-6beat Alex Ridgeon lost to Robert Jack lost to Francis Weaver
64=Alex Ridgeon 7 kyuCambridge 1-6lost to Jose F Santiago beat Emma Marchant lost to Anthony Pitchford
67=Thomas Wolfe 9 kyuNo 2-7lost to Michael Thomas beat Christian Boltner beat Paul Russell
67=Emma Marchant 8 kyuBrakenhale 1-7beat Guy Footring lost to Alex Ridgeon lost to Michael Thomas
67=Guy Footring 8 kyuBillericay 1-7lost to Emma Marchant lost to Michael Thomas beat Epi
70=Paul Russell 10 kyuCambridge 2-8beat Christian Boltner beat David Firth lost to Thomas Wolfe
71=David Firth 11 kyuCambridge 2-9beat Ben Morris lost to Paul Russell beat Pauline Bailey
71=Keith Osborne 11 kyuNorwich 2-9beat Pauline Bailey lost to Epi beat Christian Boltner
71=Epi 10 kyuCambridge 1-9not in roundbeat Keith Osborne lost to Guy Footring
71=Christian Boltner 9 kyuCambridge 0-9lost to Paul Russell lost to Thomas Wolfe lost to Keith Osborne
75Ben Morris 12 kyuJunior Club 2-10lost to David Firth beat Roger Murby beat William Brooks
76=William Brooks 13 kyuJunior Club 2-11beat Nicola Hurden beat Pauline Bailey lost to Ben Morris
76=Pauline Bailey 11 kyuWest Surrey 0-11lost to Keith Osborne lost to William Brooks lost to David Firth
78Roger Murby 14 kyuCambridge 2-12beat Andreas Schillinger lost to Ben Morris beat Nicola Hurden
79Nicola Hurden 14 kyuBrakenhale 1-13lost to William Brooks beat Andreas Schillinger lost to Roger Murby
80Shawn Hearn 18 kyuBrakenhale 3-15beat Robert Loten beat Theo Elliott beat Andreas Schillinger
81=Duncan Richer 18 kyuCambridge 2-16lost to Theo Elliott beat Mike Collins beat Robert Loten
81=Theo Elliott 18 kyuBrakenhale 2-16beat Duncan Richer lost to Shawn Hearn beat Mike Collins
81=Andreas Schillinger 16 kyuNone 0-16lost to Roger Murby lost to Nicola Hurden lost to Shawn Hearn
84Robert Loten 18 kyuUnknown 1-17lost to Shawn Hearn beat Lucie Elliott lost to Duncan Richer
85=Sebastian Bleasdale 19 kyuCambridge 1-18not in roundnot in roundbeat James Loten
85=Mike Collins 18 kyuCambridge 0-18lost to Darren Fairbrother lost to Duncan Richer lost to Theo Elliott
87=Lucie Elliott 21 kyuBrakenhale 2-19beat James Loten lost to Robert Loten beat Darren Fairbrother
87=Darren Fairbrother 20 kyuBrakenhale 1-19beat Mike Collins lost to James Loten lost to Lucie Elliott
87=James Loten 20 kyuUnknown 1-19lost to Lucie Elliott beat Darren Fairbrother lost to Sebastian Bleasdale
90Emma-Jayne Fairbrother 23 kyuBrakenhale 2-21beat Graham Smith lost to Daniel Calvelo beat Ross Chapman
91Graham Smith 23 kyuUnknown 0-23lost to Emma-Jayne Fairbrother not in roundnot in round
92Daniel Calvelo 29 kyuBrakenhale 3-26beat Ross Chapman beat Emma-Jayne Fairbrother beat Nicolas Calvelo
93Ross Chapman 28 kyuUnknown 1-27lost to Daniel Calvelo beat Nicolas Calvelo lost to Emma-Jayne Fairbrother
94Nicolas Calvelo 30 kyuBrakenhale 1-29beat Luise Wolfe lost to Ross Chapman lost to Daniel Calvelo
95Luise Wolfe 30 kyuUnknown 0-30lost to Nicolas Calvelo not in roundnot in round

Team competition

Was won by Brakenhale B team with 80%. They were Emma Marchant, Shawn Hearn, Emma Fairbrother and Daniel Calvelo.

The small board side competition did not actually happen.

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