Isle of Man Afternoon Tournament: Results 2002

Tournament Name: 
Isle of Man Afternoon
Tournament Date: 
18 August 2002 - 23 August 2002

This is the secondary tournament with 60 minute time limits. The main tournament had 90 minute time limits.

Handicap and no-komi games are in red.

Posn Name Rank Club 1 2 3 Wins MMS SOS
1Francis Roads4DWanstead11+7+3+346.5
2Simon Bexfield1DLetchworth10+9+6+334
3Piers Shepperson4DCLGC6+11+1-237
4Tony Atkins1DBracknell5+6-11+225
5Clive Wright1DNottingham4-13+9+223
6Simon Goss2DBracknell3-4+2-128
7David Phillips2DIOM..1-10+125
8David M King1KSwindon9-16+13+21-1
9Ian Marsh1DBracknell8+2-5-116
10Natasha Regan1DEpsom2-14+7-114.5
11Andrew Grant3DMilton Keynes1-3-4-019
12Matthew Selby2KEpsom13-15+14+20-3
13Sue Paterson1KBrighton12+5-8-103
14Eric Hall2KSwindon15+10-12-1-1-1
15Brian Timmins3KShrewsbury14-12-16+1-2-3
16Philip Marshall3KIOM19+8-15-1-2-5
17Elinor Brooks6KSwindon21+20+18-2-4-16
18Jose Teles De Menzes6KLisbon20-23+17+2-4-19
19Shawn Hearn5KBracknell16-22+21-1-4-15.5
20William Brooks8KCambridge18+17-23+2-6-17
21Jil Segerman8KBrighton17-25+19+2-6-19
22Gary Beman9KLeamington..19-26+1-8-17
23Edward Marshall9KIOM24-18-20-0-9-20
24Andrew Marshall12KIOM23+....1-10-9
25Celia Marshall12KIOM26+21-27-1-11-36
26Miguel Teles DeMenezes14KLisbon25-29+22-1-13-48.5
27Alistair Brooks20KSwindon29+28+25+3-17-64.5
28Alex Beman25KLeamington..27-29+1-24-47
29Annie Hall30KBracknell27-26-28-0-30-53.5

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