Fife Tournament: Results 2010

Tournament Name: 
Tournament Date: 
27 March 2010

21 players took part in the 2010 Fife Tournament, held as usual in the Age Concern Hall in Cupar. The top three players had to be separated by a tiebreak. Winner on 3 wins was David Lee (2 dan Dundee); in second was Sandy Taylor (1 dan Durham) also on 3 wins, followed by Martha McGill (3 kyu Edinburgh) on 4 wins. Also on 4 wins was Jenny Radcliffe (5 kyu Durham) and on 3 wins was Donald Spy (10 kyu Dundee).

The bar was at 2k. Handicap and no-komi games are in red.

11David Lee2dDundeeUK8+4+5+2-310
22Sandy Taylor1dDurhamUK5-6+7+1+31-1
33Martha McGill3kEdinburghUK12+8+4+10+41-4
44Glynn Forsythe1kGlasgowUK9+1-3-7+200
55Yohei Negi3dDundeeUK2+...1-6+20-1
66Rab Fulton2kGlasgowUK7-2-9+5-1-1-1
7Robby Goetschalckx3kDundeeBE6+9+2-4-2-1-1
88Edwin Brady1kSt AndrewsUK1-3-12+...1-1-2
99Neil McLean1kElginUK4-7-6-12+1-1-4
1010Petr Vapenka3kGlasgowUK13-14+15+3-2-1-12
1111Jenny Radcliffe5kDurhamUK16+15+14+13+4-1-20
1212Ron Bell3kBordersUK3-13+8-9-1-2-4
1313Rich Philp4kDundeeUK10+12-...11-1-3-8
1414Graham Galloway5kEdinburghUK15+10-11-18-1-4-15
1515Stig Petersen7kDundeeUK14-11-10-19+1-6-16
1616Greg Cox9kDundeeUK11-17-21+20+2-7-49
1717Quintin Connell9kGlasgowUK...16+19+21-2-7-55
18Donald Spy10kDundeeUK19-21+20+14+3-7-55
1919Paul Williams12kDurhamUK18+20+17-15-2-10-32
2020Aidan Karley13kAberdeenUK21+19-18-16-1-12-53
2121James Inman30kDurhamUK20-18-16-17+1-29-33

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