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For entry after 15th December the fee increases by a further £8 If you are not a member of your national Go Association by the start of the tournament, there will be a surcharge of £10 
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  1. Please ensure you enter at a realistic grade as indicated by your European rating if you have one. Ratings will be checked before the tournament, and where necessary, appropriate adjustments will be made to your initial McMahon score.

  2. You can obtain your EGF PIN from the player database here. If you do not have a PIN please enter zero ("0").

  3. The online player list is updated regularly. It can be viewed from the main form. You can see the latest version here. If you agree your tournament relevant information will be added to it. If later you want your name removed from, or added to the list, please email us.

  4. Don't delay in organising your accommodation as ISH gets busy, especially on New Year's Eve.

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Many thanks for entering the 2014 London Open Go Congress!

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