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Our team for the Pandanet European Team Championship 2014/5 is announced 13 Oct 18:10 Story Foreign News
AGM on Saturday 13 Oct 18:10 Story Council News etc.
Sunday Evening Lecture 11 Oct 13:10 Story Announcement
Guildford win Thames Valley 21 Oct 22:10 Story UK Tournament Report
Fun and Games at Letchworth Rapid Play 13 Oct 18:10 Story UK Tournament Report
Aja and Joanne Take Gold at MSO 11 Oct 13:10 Story UK Tournament Report
Media appearance in Ariel 21 Oct 17:10 Story UK News
Another Wall win at MK 13 Oct 18:10 Story UK Tournament Report
BGA team lose to Spain by small amount 14 Oct 11:10 Story Foreign Tournament Report
1st WBaduk Varsity Match announced 21 Oct 16:10 Story UK News
Tokyo Go "Camp" Announced 11 Oct 12:10 Story Announcement
Visiting Jitka has a Perfect Weekend Break 13 Oct 18:10 Story UK Tournament Report
UK Beats Oldest Allies 13 Oct 18:10 Story Foreign Tournament Report
UK Promoted to European B-League 11 Oct 13:10 Story Foreign Tournament Report
New Members Section now live 14 Oct 12:10 Story Announcement
Edmund Shaw Takes Swindon 04 Oct 09:10 Story UK Tournament Report
Andrew Simons wins in Belfast 21 Oct 21:10 Story UK Tournament Report
UK Junior team to play Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia.... 11 Oct 13:10 Story Junior + ALL news
Anson and Vanessa play in World Youth 21 Oct 22:10 Story Foreign Tournament Report
Michael Redmond SGFs Available 21 Oct 17:10 Story Announcement