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British Go Journal Joint Editor 24 Nov 18:11 Position
Tweeter 16 Dec 23:12 Position
Youth Representative - South West and South Wales 25 Oct 13:10 Position
British Go Congress Organiser 18 Oct 09:10 Position
Ngoc-Trang Cao wins in Belfast 23 Sep 16:09 Story UK Tournament Report
President Closes Out the Spanish Inquisition 25 Nov 10:11 Story Foreign Tournament Report
Andrew Kay is Top Teacher in South London 06 Dec 22:12 Story UK Tournament Report
Happy Memories of EYGC 07 Oct 13:10 Story EYGC news
Local Winner at Warwick 01 Dec 12:12 Story UK Tournament Report
Bruno wins in the Countryside 22 Sep 11:09 Story UK Tournament Report
Andrew Kay also wins Second Game 13 Oct 09:10 Story UK Tournament Report
Andrew Kay Holds British Championship 06 Dec 19:12 Story UK Tournament Report
North London win London Teams Again 06 Oct 10:10 Story UK Tournament Report
Fun and Games at Letchworth Rapid Play 09 Nov 22:11 Story UK Tournament Report
Two wins in a row for the UK! 28 Oct 17:10 Story Foreign Tournament Report
Joe Cai Sparkles at Christmas in Edinburgh 14 Dec 12:12 Story UK Tournament Result
British Title Match Underway 12 Oct 15:10 Story
Matthew Cocke Regains Three Peaks Title 28 Nov 17:11 Story UK Tournament Report
UK Starts New Season at Top of C League 01 Oct 20:10 Story Foreign Tournament Report
UK Youth Go team triumphs over Italy 11 Dec 12:12 Story Junior News