Promotional Material

We have a number of printed promotional booklets, leaflets and other items about Go. This page briefly describes and illustrates them. Most of them are available here in electronic form.

Printed copies are normally available free to volunteers doing outreach work on behalf of us, which includes Go club secretaries.

They are also available to other people and for other uses at our discretion. In this case we may request a payment to cover our costs. If in doubt, ask our Secretary or President. Remember that our aim is “to promote interest in and the playing of the game of Go”. We will be likely to look favourably on requests that help achieve that.

You may also wish to look at some posters made by others and material produced by the European Go Cultural Center.

Current stocks and stock holders can be seen here (restricted access). To obtain any of the items contact the stock holders directly or via our Secretary. The Book Seller may also bring some stock to the tournaments he attends.

If you need to use our logo in your literature or an article, please use one on this page.

Some obsolete and/or outdated items can be seen here (for example Red Go Flyer, Go Bookmark, Go CDROM, Canterbury 1992 Booklet).

Tri-fold LeafletBritish Go Association Flyer

Last revised in May 2015, following a major revision in May 2012, this is an introduction to Go and also to us, including a brief description of the rules, a membership form and a space for local club details. Also known as the Tri-fold Leaflet.

This is the ideal size to leave in racks, for example in libraries, or as a quick answer to “What’s that game?” queries. It's a single A4 sheet, folded in three. It is available in PDF format (2.9Mb).

Cover of Play Go BookletPlay Go Booklet

An introduction to the background, history and how to play Go, as well as our Association. It is 20 pages in colour A5 format. Sometimes also called the Booklet.

Last revised in August 2014 (third edition) it is available in PDF format (5MB). An online version of the Learn to Play section starts here.

Cartoon Rules BookletCartoon rules booklet

Last revised in July 2014 this is an English translation of Andreas Fecke’s excellent German original, now using pass stones. It is a 16-page A6 booklet that uses cartoons to explain the rules of Go. Ideal for children. Also available as online pages and in PDF format (3.4MB).

A3/A4 Poster

Standard version and
Club/Tournament version - with white space for your message.

This can be used by clubs to advertise and promote meetings; organisers of tournaments and other events; or anywhere that promotional material is required.

It's a single A3 or A4 sheet, with two options - one with white space for you to add your own wording and one without.
Full quality images (1.4Mb):

Roller Banner

Vertical roll-up banner approx. 1.6m high (comes in a small travelling case) - picture shows it in use (top left of picture). There two of these that can be borrowed for exhibitions.

Marketing Panels

Display panels available at A4/A3/A2 sizes - Full quality images (3-8Mb)

Our Organisers’ Handbook

Revised May 2010 as an online, but printable, version.

Introductory Workshop Certificate

A5 certificate, with a spaces to write the date, student’s name, school or club, and signature of one of our representatives.
Available as a PDF file (with two A5 certificates on one A4 sheet that needs to be cut in half) to those running introductory workshops on behalf of us.

Kyu Diploma

White A4 card certificate, with a space to write the grade (out of stock), and the same with no grade space, but coloured according to level of achievement by the Dutch test system.
Available to organisers of youth and school Go clubs.

Problem Cards

A set of 108 red cards, 2½" by 3½", each with an easy Go problem.
Produced by
Out of stock
White A4 sheets to allow the production of new copies are available.

9×9 Cardboard Go Set

A card board, with sheets of black and white push-out stones.
Produced by
Normally only available to those teaching go.

Some Other Useful Resources for Teaching Go

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