Historic List of Council Members

Current Council members can be seen here.

There are no records for Council membership prior to 1968, although John Barrs was President since the foundation of the BGA (in 1953?).





1968-1969John BarrsBob HitchensDerek Hunter
1970John Barrs d 71-01-31Bob HitchensDerek Hunter
1971-1975Francis RoadsBob HitchensDerek Hunter
1976Bob HitchensAlison CrossDerek Hunter
1977Andrew DalyAlison CrossDerek Hunter
1978Brian Castledine d 79-02-28
Francis Roads a 79-03-31
Sharon CohenMatthew Macfadyen
1979Toby ManningTim Hazelden r 79-08-16
Brian Philp c
Matthew Macfadyen
Vincent West a 80-03-01
1980Toby ManningBrian PhilpMatthew Macfadyen
1981Toby ManningBrian Philp r 81-12-31
Bob Thompson c
Matthew Macfadyen r 82-03-08
Norman Tobin c
1982Toby ManningBob ThompsonNorman Tobin
1983Richard GranvilleBob ThompsonNorman Tobin
1984Richard GranvilleJeff AnsellNorman Tobin
1985Norman TobinJeff Ansell d 85-05-18
Andrew McPherson c 85-06-16
Tony Atkins
1986-1990Norman TobinT Mark HallTony Atkins
1991Norman Tobin r 91-07-28
Alex Rix c 91-09-15
T Mark HallTony Atkins
1992-1998Alex RixT Mark HallTony Atkins
1999Alison Jones
m Bexfield 00-03-11
T Mark HallTony Atkins
2000Alison BexfieldT Mark HallTony Atkins
2001Simon GossT Mark HallTony Atkins
2002-2003Simon GossT Mark HallTim Hunt
2004-2005Simon GossT Mark HallBill Streeten
2006Ron BellSteve BaileyFred Holroyd
2007Ron BellSteve BaileyStephen Bashforth
2008Ron BellSteve BaileyEdwin Brady
2009Jon DiamondSimon MaderEdwin Brady
2010Jon DiamondSimon MaderJonathan Chin
2011-2014Jon DiamondToby ManningJonathan Chin


Council members

1968Les BockJohn TilleyGeoffrey GrayJohn DiamondFrancis Roads
1969Les BockJohn TilleyGeoffrey GrayJohn DiamondFrancis Roads Tony GoddardAndrew Daly c
1970John RobinsonAndrew DalyGeoffrey GrayJohn DiamondFrancis Roads Neil Stein cGraham PriestDave Brooks cRoger Hays c
1971John RobinsonAndrew DalyGeoffrey GrayJohn DiamondJohn Tilley John Sweeney c
1972Chris BartonAndrew DalyGeoffrey GrayJohn DiamondJohn Tilley
1973Chris Barton r 73-05-01Andrew DalyGeoffrey GrayJohn DiamondJohn Tilley
1974John AllenAndrew DalyT Mark HallJohn DiamondJohn Tilley
1975John AllenAlison CrossT Mark HallPaul PrescottJim Bates
1976John AllenToby Manning c 76-11-12Brian CastledineJohn Pusey c 76-11-12Jim Bates John FairbairnPaul Prescott r 76-10-19
1977David MitchellToby ManningBrian CastledineJohn PuseyMatthew Macfadyen Sharon Cohen c
1978David MitchellToby ManningRichard Hunter r 78-11-01Dave JohnsonBrian Philp Frank Pratt
c 78-09-01
r 79-02-02
1979Vincent West c 79-10-19Andrew Grant c 79-10-19Stuart DowseyDave JohnsonBrian Philp George AdieDavid Mitchell
r 79-06-24
1980David GotoAndrew GrantStuart DowseyJim BatesGeorge Adie r 80-09-20 Nick Webber c 80-12-05Sue Barnes c 80-12-05
1981David GotoAndrew GrantStuart DowseyNick Webber c 81-08-05John Hobson c 81-10-30 Bob Thompson c 81-10-30Norman Tobin
c 81-11-28
1982Mike Cockburn Andrew GrantStuart DowseyMatthew Macfadyen Richard Granville
1983John HobsonIan CarsonToby BaileyMatthew Macfadyen Mike Harvey
1984John HobsonIan Carson rAndy FinchStephanie PerksMike Harvey France Ellul c
1985France EllulAndrew McPhersonMark CumperJustine LattimerMike Harvey r
1986Francis RoadsAndrew McPhersonMark CumperJustine Lattimer Tim Hazelden
1987Francis RoadsAndrew McPhersonMark CumperAlex Eve
c 87-12-06
Michael Carr c 88-02-07
1988Francis RoadsAndrew McPhersonAlex RixAlex EveSteve Draper
1989Francis RoadsHugh Williams cAlex RixAlex EveSteve Draper
1990Andrew JonesHugh WilliamsAlex RixAlex EveAlison Franklin m Jones 90-04-21
1991Andrew JonesDavid Woodnutt c 91-11-10Alex RixAlex EveAlison Jones
1992Andrew JonesDavid WoodnuttSimon RuddAlex EveAlison Jones
1993Andrew JonesDavid WoodnuttSimon RuddPaul Smith
c 93-09-12
1994Andrew JonesDavid WoodnuttMark WainwrightPaul SmithKeith Osborne
1995Andrew JonesDavid WoodnuttMark WainwrightPaul HankinColin Adams r 96-03-23
1996Andrew JonesAdam AtkinsonMark WainwrightPaul Hankin
1997Andrew JonesAdam AtkinsonKevin Drake c 97-07-06Marcus Bennett c 97-07-06Charles Matthews Alison Jones
c 97-11-16
1998Steve BaileyBill StreetenKevin DrakeMarcus BennettCharles Matthews
r 99-02-07
Alison Jones
c 99-02-07
1999Steve BaileyBill StreetenKevin Drake r 99-09-12Marcus Bennett r 99-09-12Simon Goss Tim Hunt
c 00-03-05
2000Steve BaileyBill StreetenTim HuntChris Dawson Simon Goss
2001Steve BaileyBill StreetenTim HuntJackie Chai c
2002Steve BaileyBill StreetenLes BockJackie Chai
r 02-09-29
Natasha Regan cAnna Griffiths
c 03-01-07
2003Steve BaileyBill StreetenLes Bock
r 03-11-29
Anna Griffiths
2004Steve BaileyTim HuntAnna GriffithsFred HolroydDavid Ward
r 04-09-26
Stephen Bashforth
c 04-07-18
2005Steve BaileyTim HuntAnna GriffithsFred HolroydStephen BashforthBrian Brunswick
c 05-11-27
Ron Bell
c 05-11-27
2006Tim HuntAnna GriffithsStephen BashforthBrian Brunswick
2007Tim HuntAnna GriffithsFred HolroydBrian BrunswickXinyi LuGeoff Kaniuk
c 08-01-05
2008Anna GriffithsBrian BrunswickXinyi LuGeoff KaniukJoss WrightToby Manning
c 08-04-27
Jon Diamond
c 09-02-07
2009Brian BrunswickXinyi LuGeoff KaniukToby ManningGraham PhilipsJoss Wright
c 09-05-09
2010Brian BrunswickGeoff KaniukToby ManningEdwin BradyJohn CollinsJenny Radcliffe
c 10-05-08
2011Brian BrunswickJohn CollinsJenny RadcliffeColin MaclennanPaul Smith
2012Brian BrunswickJohn CollinsColin MaclennanPaul SmithMaria Tabor
2013Brian BrunswickJohn CollinsColin MaclennanRoger HuysheFred Holroyd
2014Brian BrunswickJohn CollinsColin MaclennanRoger Huyshe


a = acting, c = co-opted, d = died, m = married, r = resigned

Council changes above are effective from the AGM, usually held in March or April.

Life Members and Vice Presidents, can be seen here.
Gerry Mills (deceased 2011) was also a Life Member.

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