London Open

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28 December 2014 - 31 December 2014
Main Tournament is 7 rounds. Time limit 90 minutes with 20/5 overtime.
International Students House, 229 Great Portland Street
<a href="" target ="_blank">ISH</a> is near Regents Park in central London <a href=",-0.1444348,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x48761ad7058cbbfd:0x31446d07bdbe29a0" target ="_blank">map</a>.
Current Champion: 
Yuanbo Zhang

Also Lightning, Pair Go and Rengo tournaments.

Central London Go Club British Go Association European Go Federation
JFK Statue at ISH
JFK Statue at ISH
The London Open is the UK's biggest tournament. It is always held at the new year period: 28th - 31st December.
It first ran in 1975 and has ran every year since. Usually over 100 players take part and even up to 150. Many come from continental Europe and further away too. Several top European players take part.
2012 logo Dragon and Snake, By J. Keller
2013 Results
Players battle over 4 days, 7 rounds and long time limits. The top player gets to hold the London Open Trophy with cash prizes for the top players and prizes for other good results too. Prizes are also given for the Lightning Tournament, held one evening. Winner 2011
Winner 2011

Recent Opens

Another evening event is the London Pair Go. Around a dozen male-female pairs compete for the best pair title. For more details see the London Pair Go Page. Pair Go
Pair Go
There is usually a professional teacher, the most frequent one being Guo Juan from the Netherlands. They give lectures and analyse games. Other teachers have come from Japan, Korea and China. Guo Juan
Guo Juan
Main Hall
Main Hall
Most players play in the large hall at ISH. The evening events are held there too. ISH also has a bistro, a bar and reasonably priced accommodation. Top Room
Top Room
The top boards are in their own room. Adjacent to it is an analysis room. Prize giving and the Rengo are upstairs. In all ISH provides a superior playing environment.
Past Winners and Results: 
  • 2013 Yuanbo Zhang
  • 2012 Lukas Kraemer
  • 2011 Young-Sam Kim
  • 2010 Antti Tormanen
  • 2009 Zi Wang
  • 2008 Chi-Min Oh
  • 2007 Shaoyou Ouyang
  • 2006 Ondrej Silt
  • 2005 Cho, Seok-Bin
  • 2004 Zhao, Pei
  • 2003 Li, Wenhao
  • 2002 Li, Hiaou
  • 2001 Gbor Szabics
  • 2000 Kim, Seong-June
  • 1999 Zhang, Zhongyong
  • 1998/9 Lee, Hyuk (Grand Prix); Guo, Juan (Open cash prize)
  • 1997/8 Guo, Juan
  • 1996/7 Guo, Juan
  • 1995/6 Zhang, Shutai
  • 1994/5 Guo, Juan
  • 1993/4 Zhang, Shutai
  • 1992/3 Shen, Gruangji
  • 1991/2 Zhang, Shutai
  • 1990/1 M. Katscher
  • 1989/90 Zhang, Shutai
  • 1988/9 Yoo, Jing-Soo
  • 1987/8 Terry Stacey
  • 1986/7 Matthew Macfadyen
  • 1985/6 Andre Moussa
  • 1984/5 C.S. Lee
  • 1983/4 Hosokawa
  • 1982/3 X.Y. Liu
  • 1981/2 Terry Stacey
  • 1980/1 Matthew Macfadyen
  • 1979/80 Robert Rehm
  • 1978/9 Jim Bates
  • 1977/8 Matthew Macfadyen
  • 1976/7 Jon Diamond
  • 1975/6 K. Hirama
  • 1974/5 Jon Diamond
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