4. Presentation

Having the stall looking welcoming is part of the trick of attracting people.

Covering the table with a cloth, and sticking photos and pictures on the unused areas makes the stall look better.

Using the wall space behind effectively is important, so make sure there are some good pictures, posters and signs behind (and do not forget tape or blutack to stick them up). It is good to have a sign inviting people to learn Go and that it is free - some people expect activities at events to cost money. Sometimes you may not have a wall and, unless you have a display board to hand, you will have to display material on a table top.

There are some posters available for display purposes and also display panels available here. Printed copies of the posters are available from the Secretary.

The BGA owns a pull-up free standing banner that can form an eye-catching part of your display. There is also a horizontal BGA banner (about 2 metres long) that can be tied up on to suitable fixings. Both of these are available for loan (please contact the BGA secretary in good time). If not available, put the BGA logo on your signs. BGA posters can be obtained from the secretary. It is also useful to put up posters elsewhere in the venue telling people where to find you.

There are various photos on the BGA website that you can print off for display. The old Japanese Go prints that feature in calendars and on the cover of Go World magazines are always interesting to display - picking designs appropriate to the event.

If you have a computer running a presentation or automatically playing through games, this will additinally attract attention.

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