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Tony Atkins
Role Job Description
Youth Representative - Thames Valley

Co-ordinates contact with schools in a particular area, providing advice and help where needed.

Tournament Co-ordinator

Maintains our Tournament Calendar and provides support to tournament organisers. As there are less than 52 events in a year, there is an attempt to smooth out the calendar so some months are not...

Website News Editor

Collects news and maintains the news section of the website.

Website Editor

Maintains the day-to-day contents of the website.


An honorary title given without obligation to BGA members who have been deemed worthy of recognition for services rendered.

Paul Barnard
Role Job Description
Game Review Service

Provides members with the chance to get their games commented on by a stronger player. Games should be sent to the Analyst who will either review them himself or pass them to other members for...

Alison Bexfield
Role Job Description
Youth Squad Leader

Leader of the UK Youth Go squad.

This squad provides coaching and competitions for keen juniors who are aiming to become strong enough to represent the UK in the European Youth...

Barry Chandler
Role Job Description

The Archivist looks after our Archive which contains material relating to the history of the Association, including old minute books, and most English-language Go publications. The job includes...

British Go Journal Editorial Consultant

Advises and assists the editor of the Journal.

Jonathan Chin
Role Job Description

Responsible for the overall maintenance of the website, especially looking at moving forward the version of Drupal used.

Our policy statement describes the policy followed and lists those...