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First Irish Joint Go and Chinese Chess Event 10 Feb 22:02 Story Foreign Tournament Report
UK Stay Second in C-League 14 Dec 13:12 Story Foreign Tournament Report
Sunday Evening Lecture 28 Jan 20:01 Story Announcement
Deadline for 2011 AGM proposals 19 Jan 10:01 Story BGA Council News
Michael Redmond Training Week 19 Jan 10:01 Story UK Teaching Event
Britain Go Clear Top of European C League 24 Feb 22:02 Story Foreign Tournament Report
Website Editor 16 Dec 22:12 Position
British Go Journal Editor 20 Jan 09:01 Position
Tweeter 16 Dec 23:12 Position
London Open 2014 Pair Go Results 31 Dec 17:12 Page UK Tournament Result
Our Interpretation of AGA Rules 08 Dec 12:12 Page
Publicising Go Tournaments 21 Jan 18:01 Page
Problems 27 Feb 13:02 Page
41st London Open Go Congress 2014 24 Feb 17:02 Page UK News
Tournaments and Events 15 Jan 14:01 Page
Go-playing Programs 23 Feb 16:02 Page
Promotional Material 09 Feb 09:02 Page
Learning Resources 21 Jan 17:01 Page
Example game 27 Feb 09:02 Page
Membership Application Form 12 Jan 19:01 Page