Teaching Accreditation System

Our list of Accredited Teachers is here.

Over the last few years we've has been increasing the amount of resources we put into teaching. We have run a number of teaching events, and are running a number of "introductory" events to youngsters, generally through the "gifted and talented" programme.

In doing this two issues turned up:- a) who is a good teacher? (and please bear in mind that this is NOT necessarily related to strength) b) legal issues associated with child protection legislation.

The new Child Protection legislation ("Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults") will put a requirement on us to ensure that anybody teaching children (or "vulnerable adults") under its auspices is registered with the Independent Safeguarding Authority (this comes into force later this year); failing to do this could be a criminal offence. As well as meeting this legislative requirement, people who go into schools (or other youth groups) to teach Go will need to meet the Schools' /Local Authorities' requirements, which MAY require them to be "qualified".

There are, currently, no formal qualifications for teaching Go; one's strength is, of course, one measure but it does not say anything about one's competence as a teacher.

In order to resolve these issues, we are setting up this Teaching Accreditation Scheme to fill the gap.

The scheme is based on four principles:-

  • A teacher should be at least 4 grades stronger than their students
  • The teacher's competence as a teacher is based on feedback from students
  • The teacher must comply with relevant legislation, especially that related to Child Protection
  • The teacher must have received some training.

At all teaching events run by us students are asked to fill in a Feedback Form to provide comments on the Teacher. These forms are assessed by the Player Development Committee to see if the person is considered to be a suitable teacher. The Player Development Committee may also take into account additional information in deciding if the applicant is suitable for accreditation. Applicants turned down by the Player Development Committee may appeal to Council.

The teacher must be be registered with the "Independent Safeguarding Authority, if their teaching could involve children.

Currently the only training requirement is to have read our Guide to Teaching Go to Beginners, while further advice about Teaching Beginners is also available in Chapter 4 of the Club Organiser’s Handbook.

For more information please email teaching@britgo.org.

It is stressed that participation in all aspects of this scheme is entirely voluntary (except as required by UK Legislation). There is no requirement or compulsion on anyone to become accredited, and members are free to continue to visit schools (or other youth groups) of their own volition if agreed with the school/youth group itself. However, some members may wish to become "accredited" by us as it may ease their way through local bureaucracies.

Although we have set up a framework, not all the pieces are in place yet - for example, we have not yet set up a contract with a supplier to permit registration with the Independent Safeguarding Authority. We will be pursuing these issues during the next year.

The teachers accredited (or part-accredited) under the scheme are:

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