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L-Group  L+D199710916
L-Group, Long -  L+D199710916
La Chaux de Fonds Tournament 1981  T8119815415
La Chaux de Fonds Tournament 1990  T9019908138
Laatikainen, Vesa: see author index      
Ladder: see also Shicho      
Ladder  Tec199610335-
Ladder Problem  Tec19732011-
Ladder Problem  Tec19846211-
Ladder Problem *Tec19846219-
Ladder ProblemGrant, Andrew*Tec1989749
Ladder ProblemHall, T. Mark**Tec19959927
Ladder ProblemsHall, T. Mark*Tec19918418-
Ladder SolutionGrant, Andrew*Tec19897526
Ladder SolutionHall, T. Mark*Tec19959957
Ladder-breakersWedd, Nick*Tec19981117-
Ladders SolutionsHall, T. Mark*Tec19918534
Ladders, If You Don't Know -Bagot, Bob*Jos199610543
Ladies: see also Female, Women      
Ladies' Championship: see also British Women's Championship      
Ladies' Championship-Jones, Alison*TSy1991847
Ladies' Go and Social Weekend (1998)Macfadyen, Matthew*Tch199811125
Ladies' Tournament: see also British Women's Championship      
Ladies' Tournament (1989)Rix, Alex*T8919897741
Ladies' Tournament (1990)Macfadyen, Matthew*T9019908133-
Ladies' Working Weekend *BGA199811135
Ladies' World Amateur Selection Tournament: see also British Women's Championship      
Ladies' World Amateur Selection Tournament (1994)Macfadyen, Matthew*T9419949620
Lakeman, Debbie v. Cheng, J. (British Schools Team Ch'ship 1992)  GEv19928933-
Lambot, Denis: see author index      
Lancaster/PA (US Go Congress 1997)  T97199710949
Land of the Morning CalmFinch, Andy*Cou19928650-
Langley, Pete: see author index      
Languages: see Lan in subject index      
Lao Si Dan: see also author index      
Lao Si Dan  PHs19959951
Large Knight's Move: see Ogeima      
Larsen Mogens E.: see author index      
Lasker, Edward  PAm19773519
Lasker, Edward (obit)  PAm19815318
Late Tournament Entrants  TCd19856520
Late Tournament Entrants  TCd19856615
Lazarev, Alexei v. Macfadyen, Matthew (EGoC 1987)  GEv19877111-
Lazarev, Alexei v. Zhang Shutai (EGoC 1991)  GEv19918411-
League: see Tou, T.. in subject index      
Leamington Spa Club v. Oxford Club (Club Match 1994)  T9419949640
Leamington Spa Club v. Reading Club (Club Match 1994)  T9419949640
Leamington Spa Club v. Wanstead Club (Club Match 1993)  T9319949421
Leamington Spa Teach-in 1990  Tch1990804
Leamington Spa Teach-in 1990  Tch1990814
Leamington vs Wanstead (1993)Roads, Francis*T9319949421
Learn to Play GoMatsui Akio et al Lit196711-
Learning GoPuxty, John*Tch199510019-
Lectures on Go TechniquesCho Hun-hyun Lit19981126
Lee C. v. Barker, Terry (Black Bull Handicap Tournament 1984)  GH519887219-
Lee Chang-ho v. Cho Hun-hyun  GEv19908022
Lee Se-Ho v. Finch, Andy  GEv19928731-
Lee, Harold: see also author index      
Lee, Harold v. Gooskens, Mark (Amsterdam Tournament 1981)  GEv19815314-
Lee, Harold v. Macfadyen, Matthew (Roads' 9x9 Tournament 1985)  G 919866714-
Lee, Harold v. Wall, Alistair (London Open 1980/81)  GEv19815118
Leedham-Green, Charles v. Jones, Alison  GEv1993928-
Leedham-Green, Charles v. Keeble, David (London Open 1993/94)  GEv19949442-
Leeds (British Go Congress 1971)  T711971133
Leeds (British Go Congress 1971)  T711971141
Leeds (British Go Congress 1971)  T711971149-
Leeds (British Go Congress 1971)  T711973194-
Leeds - a Club in ProfileDowsey, Stuart*Clb19815324
Leeds Club v. Sheffield Club (Club Match 1972)  T721973192
Leeds Congress (1971) *T711971141
Leeds Congress (1971), A Game from the -Tilley, John*Gam1971149-
Leeds University v. Sheffield University (Club Match 1972)  T721973192
Legends: see Tal in subject index      
Leicester (British Go Congress 1977)  T7719773710
Leicester (Tournament 1980) *T8019804912-
Leicester (Tournament) 1995, Three Games from -Collinson, Mark et al*Gam199610310-
Leicester Club  Clb19742515
Leicester Club v. Cheltenham Club (Club Match 1975)  T7519763120
Leicester Club v. Corby Club (Club Match 1973)  T7319732013
Leicester Club v. Corby Club (Club Match 1974)  T7419742316
Leicester Club v. Sheffield Club (Club Match 1973)  T7319732013
Leicester Club v. Sheffield University (Club Match 1972)  T721973192
Leicester Go Tournament (1979), Fourth -Woolley, Jean*T791979469
Leicester Open Go Tournament (1976), First -Woolley, Bob*T761976312
Leicester Teach-in (1978)Castledine, Brian*Tch19784211
Leicester Teach-in 1978  Tch19784112
Leicester Tournament 1979  T791979469
Leicester Tournament 1983  T8319836014
Leicester Tournament 1986  T8619866816
Leicester Tournament 1988  T8819887316-
Leicester Tournament 1988  T8819887331
Leicester Tournament 1989  T8919897630
Leicester Tournament 1990  T9019908037
Leicester Tournament 1991  T9119918443-
Leicester Tournament 1992  T9219928837
Leicester Tournament 1993  T9319939260
Leicester Tournament 1994  T9419949641
Leicester Tournament 1995  T95199510060-
Leicester Tournament 1995  T95199610310-
Leicester Tournament 1996  T96199610453
Leicester Tournament 1996  T96199710720-
Leicester Tournament 1997  T97199710852
Leicester Tournament 1998  T98199811237
Leicester Tournament 1998  T98199811257-
Leiden Tournament 1979  T7919794616-
Leigh Sinton (Black Bull Handicap Tournament 1982)  T8219835814
Leigh Sinton (Black Bull Handicap Tournament 1983)  T8319846115
Leigh Sinton (Black Bull Handicap Tournament 1984)  T8419856418
Leigh Sinton (Black Bull Handicap Tournament 1984)  T8419887219-
Leigh Sinton (Black Bull Handicap Tournament 1985)  T8519866716
Lenz, Friedrich v. Takagawa Kaku  GH61973215-
Lesson with Dr ZhangWall, Alistair**Gam19928622-
Lessons from Kunwa Go Salon. Part 1Hunter, Richard**Gam19928648-
Lessons from Kunwa Go Salon. Part 2Hunter, Richard**Gam19928730
Lessons from Kunwa Go Salon. Part 3Hunter, Richard**Gam19928818-
Lessons from Kunwa Go Salon. Part 4Hunter, Richard**Gam19928934
Lessons from Kunwa Go Salon. Part 5Hunter, Richard**Gam19939056
Lessons from Kunwa Go Salon. Part 6Hunter, Richard**Gam19939255
Lessons from Kunwa Go Salon. Part 7Hunter, Richard**Gam19939345
Lessons in the Fundamentals of GoKageyama Toshiro Lit19794416
Leura  Cit199710838
Levy, David: see author index      
Li Man L.: see author index      
Lia, Cristian v. Smith, Andrea (EGoC 1996)  GEv199610426-
Liang Wei Tang v. Feng Yun (Chinese Promotion Tourn. 1994)  GEv1994964-
Liar Dice UnderwaterRoads, Francis*OGm19949511
Liberties, Counting - in The Second Book of GoHunter, Richard**Lit199811021
Liberties, Counting -. Part 1Fukuda Masayoshi*Anl1969106-
Liberties, Counting -. Part 1Hunter, Richard*Anl199610236-
Liberties, Counting -. Part 2Fukuda Masayoshi*Anl19701113-
Liberties, Counting -. Part 2Hunter, Richard*Anl199610326-
Liberties, Counting -. Part 3Hunter, Richard*Anl199610432-
Liberties, Counting -. Part 4Hunter, Richard*Anl199610528-
Liberties, Counting -. Part 5Hunter, Richard*Anl199710634-
Liberties, Counting -. Part 6Hunter, Richard*Anl199710726-
Liberties, Counting -: Applications. Part 1Hunter, Richard*Anl199710830-
Liberties, Counting -: Applications. Part 2Hunter, Richard*Anl199710932-
Liberties, Counting -: Applications. Part 3Hunter, Richard*Anl199811030-
Liberties, Counting -: Applications. Part 4Hunter, Richard*Anl199811126-
Liberties, Counting -: Game Examples. Part 1Hunter, Richard*Gam199811248-
Liberties, Eye Space -  Anl199610434-
Liberties: Error *Anl199811212
Liberty, What a -! Part 1Finch, Andy*L+D1992879
Liberty, What a -! Part 2Finch, Andy*L+D19928935
Liberty, What a -! Part 3Finch, Andy*L+D19939025
Libraries Exhibition-Castledine, Brian*Pub19773710
Library, Go in the -Moore, Robin*Pub19918235-
Life &&& Death, Beyond -. Part 1Hunter, Richard*L+D19928618-
Life &&& Death, Beyond -. Part 2Hunter, Richard*L+D19928721-
Life &&& Death, Beyond -. Part 3Hunter, Richard*L+D19928822-
Life &&& Death, Beyond -. Part 4Hunter, Richard*L+D1992894-
Life &&& Death, Beyond -. Part 5Hunter, Richard*L+D19939012-
Life &&& Death, Beyond -. Part 6Hunter, Richard*L+D1993918-
Life and Death: see also L+D in subject index      
Life and Death: see also Tsume-go      
Life and DeathDavies, James Lit19763216
Life and DeathDavies, James Lit19959830
Life and Death Puzzles, Ingenious -Macfadyen, Matthew*Lit199710645
Life and Death Puzzles, Ingenious -Yang Yilun Lit19971088
Life and Death, All About -Cho Chikun Lit19939320
Life and Death, Encyclopaedia of -Sutton, David**CNp19961037-
Life in the Slow LaneBarty, Jim et al*Gam19815121-
Life, Death and Limbo, Of -Holroyd, Fred et al*Gam19918328-
Life, Eternal -  Rul19701112
Life, Eternal -  Rul19835811
Life, Moonshine -  Rul19835920
Light Hearted Banter, The -Ryan, Mike*Hum19949725
Lightning Championship: see British Lightning Championship      
Lightning Go Marathon 1977  T771977371-
Lightning Tournament: see London Open Lightning Tournament      
Lim  PAm199710822
Lim Eui Jae v. Wang Yu Fei (Sydney Cup Tournament 1993)  GEv1993916-
Limerick CompetitionWilliams, Colin*Hum19939039
Linz (EGoC 1981)  T811981543-
Linz (EGoC 1981)  T811991845
Linz (EGoC 1981), A Game from -Granville, Richard*Gam1981544-
Linz (European Team Tournament 1990)  T9019918211
Linz (European Team Tournament 1990)Soletti, G.*T9019908118
Linz Tournament 1995  T9519959957
Lipton, Andrew: see author index      
Literature: see Lit in subject index      
Liu Kwai Wing v. Pratt, Frank  GEv1979467-
Liu Xiaoguang v. Macfadyen, M. (World Amateur Ch'ship 1980)  GEv19804814-
Liu Xiaoguang v. Wang Chuan (All China Championship 1978)  GEv19794621
Liu Yajie  PPr199811220
Live Groups, Dead Groups. Part 1Hall, T. Mark**L+D19918520
Live Groups, Dead Groups. Part 1 SolutionsHall, T. Mark**L+D19928642-
Live Groups, Dead Groups. Part 2Hall, T. Mark**L+D19928617
Live Groups, Dead Groups. Part 2 SolutionsHall, T. Mark**L+D19928736-
Liverpool University v. Bristol Club (Club Match 1968)  T68196871
Ljubljana (EGoC 1969)  T69196872
Ljubljana (EGoC 1969)  T69196982-
Ljubljana (EGoC 1969)  T69196991
Ljubljana (Golden Dragon Tournament 1967)  T67196712
Ljubljana (Golden Dragon Tournament 1968)  T68196852
Ljubljana (Golden Dragon Tournament 1976)  T761976339
Ljubljana (Golden Dragon Tournament 1978)  T7819784123
Lobb, Wayne: see author index      
Locarno Tournament 1996  T96199710745
Loeff van der, Arnoud: see author index      
Loft, S. v. Banerjee, D. (British Schools Team Championship 1985)  GEv19856514-
Logan, Jim: see author index      
Logo Competition (EGoC) Results *Pub1989765
Logo Competition, European Go Congress -  Pub1989745
Logo Competition, European Grand Prix -  Pub19877125
Logo Competition, London Go Centre -  Pub19752610
London: see also Egham, Enfield, Hammersmith, Hampstead, Wanstead, Westminster, Woodford      
London (Asahi Shimbun Tournament 1989)  T891989754
London (Asahi Shimbun Tournament 1989)  T891989776-
London (Asahi Shimbun Tournament 1989)  T8919897714
London (Asahi Shimbun Tournament 1989)  T8919897738-
London (Asahi Shimbun Tournament 1989)  T8919897742
London (EGoC 1966)  T66199610410
London (International Team Tournament 1993)  T9319939357
London (International Team Tournament 1995)  T9519959954
London (International Team Tournament 1995)  T95199510155
London (International Team Tournament 1996)  T96199610549
London (International Team Tournament 1997)  T97199710742
London (International Team Tournament 1997)  T97199710949
London (International Team Tournament 1998)  T98199811139
London (Mind Sports Olympiad 1997)  T97199710712
London (Mind Sports Olympiad 1997)  T9719971096-
London (Mind Sports Olympiad 1997)  T97199710922-
London (Mind Sports Olympiad 1997)  T97199710936
London (Mind Sports Olympiad 1997)  T97199710948
London Club: see also Enfield Club, Hammersmith Club, Hampstead Club, House of Commons Club, Imperial College Club, Nippon Club, Wanstead Club, Woodford Club      
London Club  Clb19752616
London Club Matches  Tou19939019
London Club Tournament 1982, Central -  T8219835814
London Club v. Paris Club (Club Match 1974)  T7419742416
London Club, Central -  Clb19784315
London Club, Central -  Clb19804712
London Club, Central -  Clb19804811
London Club, Central - Tournament 1981  T8119815415
London Club, North -  Clb19835815
London Club, North -Williams, Derek**Clb19939339
London Club, North West -  Clb19732013
London Club, North West -  Clb19918211
London Go Centre  Clb1978404
London Go Centre  Clb19784110-
London Go Centre  Clb1978433
London Go Centre *Clb19752610
London Go Centre *Clb19752716
London Go Centre Championships (1977), 2nd -Macfadyen, Matthew*T7719773818
London Go Centre Open Championship 1978  T7819784114
London Go Centre Open Championship 1978Roberts, Mark*T7819784210
London Go Centre Summer Handicap Tournament 1975  T7519752919
London Go Centre, Match Played at the Opening of the -Magari Reiki et al*Gam1975283-
London Go Centre, News from - *Clb19763211
London Go Centre, Professional Visits at the -  PPr19752919
London Go Centre, The -Roads, Francis*Clb1974242
London League 1981  T8119815215
London League 1981  T8119815319
London League 1982  T8219835916
London League 1983  T831984629
London OpenLee, Harold*Tou19939342-
London Open (1981/82), Eighth - *T821982553-
London Open (1982/83)Macfadyen, Matthew*T831983583-
London Open (1984/85)Polkinghorne, Peter*T8519856418
London Open (1984/85), A Game from the - *Gam19856415
London Open (1991/92), More on the -Lee, Harold*T9219928633
London Open (1993/94), A Game from the -Cann, Desmond*Gam19949442-
London Open (1993/94): Main Tournament Rankings 1 - 25 *T9419949444
London Open 1974/75  T7519752910-
London Open 1974/75Prescott, Paul T751975277
London Open 1976/77  T771977358
London Open 1977/78  T7819784011-
London Open 1977/78  T781978417
London Open 1978/79  T7919784315
London Open 1978/79  T791979444-
London Open 1979/80 *T8019804714-
London Open 1980/81  T8119815117-
London Open 1980/81  T8119815120
London Open 1981 *T8119815117-
London Open 1981/82  T821982553-
London Open 1981/82  T821982556-
London Open 1982/83  T8319835813
London Open 1983/84  T8419846114
London Open 1984/85  T851985647-
London Open 1984/85  T8519856422
London Open 1985/86  T8619866716
London Open 1986/87  T8719876916
London Open 1988/89  T8919897430-
London Open 1988/89  T8919897438
London Open 1989/90  T9019907827-
London Open 1989/90  T9019907830
London Open 1990/91  T911991824
London Open 1990/91  T9119918217-
London Open 1990/91  T9119918226-
London Open 1990/91  T9119918239
London Open 1990/91  T911991834
London Open 1990/91  T9119918340
London Open 1991-1992, Asahi -Ward, David**T9219928630-
London Open 1991/92  T9219928654
London Open 1992/93  T9319939058
London Open 1992/93  T9319939118-
London Open 1993/94  T9419939342-
London Open 1993/94  T941994948-
London Open 1993/94  T9419949425-
London Open 1993/94  T9419949442-
London Open 1993/94  T9419949446-
London Open 1993/94  T9419949512-
London Open 1993/94  T9419949518-
London Open 1994/95  T9519959844
London Open 1995/96  T96199610243
London Open 1995/96  T96199811118-
London Open 1995/96  T96199811224-
London Open 1996/97  T97199710642-
London Open 1996/97  T97199710659-
London Open 1997/98  T98199811051-
London Open Go Congress: see also London Open      
London Open Go Congress (1977/78)Macfadyen, Matthew*T7819784011-
London Open Go Congress (1979/80) *T8019804714-
London Open Go Congress (1988/89)Roads, Francis*T8919897428-
London Open Go Congress 1975Prescott, Paul*T751975277
London Open Go Congress 1975, A Game from the -Hall, T. Mark et al*Gam19752910-
London Open Go Congress 1976, The - *T7619763110
London Open Go Congress 1977Prescott, Paul*T771977358
London Open Go Congress 1979 *T791979444-
London Open Lightning Tournament 1982/83  T831983585-
London Open, At the - *Hum19835828
London Oteai 1980, Greater -  T8019804810
London Tournament 1981  T811981527-
London Tournament 1982  T8219825714
London Tournament 1983  T8319835914
London Tournament 1994, South -  T9419949536
London Tournament 1995, South -  T9519959955
Long Jump (Toby), Go Notes by - *Lan19773711
Long L-Group  L+D199710916
Loony Move - AnswerChandler, Brian*L+D19856631
Loony MovesChandler, Brian*L+D19856621
Lose a Game in Twenty Moves, How to -Hall, T. Mark*Gam19949522-
Lost Consonants *Hum19928942
Lottery Results!!!Gardner, Sue* 19928715-
Luck of the Bold, The -Barty, Jim*Gam19805010-
Lugol, Xavier v. Hall, T. Mark (EGoC 1997)  GEv199710938-
Luo: see author index      
Luxembourg (Tournament 1981)Manning, Toby*T8119815311
Lynn, Mike: see author index      

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