Junior Games

Junior Games

Below are links for games which can be shown using the Flash Player goban called GoSWF, written by Olivier Besson. Click on a Flash link to load one of the games in a new window.

If Flash is disabled on your system or is not available, e.g. for iPad/iPhone, please download the SGF version and view the game with an SGF reader application on your system.

Some of the games have a few comments from a strongish amateur player.

If you have any problems viewing the games please let us know.

13x13 Games

Flash VersionSGF version
Matthew Hathrell (w) v Jun-Hoe Ahn (b) , Youth Championship 2008FlashSGF
Hai Xia (w) v Mazhar Warraich (b), Go Challenge Final 2008FlashSGF
Stewart Smith (w) v Mazhar Warraich (b), Go Challenge 2008FlashSGF
Hai Xia (w) against Hamzah Reta (b), Go Challenge 2008FlashSGF

19x19 Games

Flash VersionSGF version
Thomas Debarre v Vanessa Wong, EGF Youth Championship 2008FlashSGF
Matthew Cocke v Leigh Rutland, BGA Youth Championship 1987FlashSGF
Artem Kachanovskyj v Thomas Debarre, EGF Youth Championship 2008FlashSGF
Steven Donlon v Costas Televantos, BGA Youth Championship 2008FlashSGF
Maria Tabor v Steven Donlon, BGA Youth Championship 2008FlashSGF

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