British Championships’ Rules - Changes 2013

The rules for 2013 have been revised by the BGA Council in May 2012. They will apply to the 2013 and all subsequent championships (until amended), and supersede all previous versions, although informally the changes are mostly effective for 2012.

The statement regarding the rules changes is as follows:

  • Notification for events by letter is no longer required and is now optional for the Organizer (by letter or email to the address on our membership list)
  • Announcement for events is to be on the website and in the BGJ (not in the Newsletter)
  • Emphasis is now made that it is the responsibility of qualifiers to send in their entries (not the Organizer to ensure that they do)

In March 2013 Council clarified that if the Champion plays in the Candidates, then he/she cedes their automatic place in the Challengers League.

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