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  • 2023-05-31

    Yicheng Xiao (6d UCL) won all his games to win both the Open and the Lightning at the fourth Not the London Open. He won all six games in the 58-player Open, whilst Fang Chun (6d Edinburgh) only lost to the winner to take second and Yiyang Ding (5d) was third by tie-break. To win the Sunday evening lightning he had to beat Scott Cobbold in the final. Also notable was Rachel Chik (17k) who, as the lowest graded player, stalwartly had to fight against two strong players (Yaoling Yang and Fang Chun) with large handicaps (as shown here). Yiyang Ding won the losers section.

    In the Open the…

  • 2023-05-30

    The BGA is now running an online club. It runs every two weeks on Saturday at 19:00. The next few dates are 10th June, 24th June, 8th July, 22nd July, 5th August and 19th August. Normal club nights are also interspersed with teaching events and tournaments (but you can simply just play if you wish). It is held on the BGA’s discord server and OGS Group 13219. Please advertise this at your own clubs and to anyone you think might be interested. If there are any problems with joining either discord or the OGS group please email

  • 2023-05-30

    The BGA has decided to restart the online leagues which ran last year. The format will be broadly similar as the previous edition with four players in a group playing a double round robin (so six games each) over 12 weeks. If you would be interested in playing, please email with your name, OGS username and grade (BGA/EGF if available, best guess if not). The deadline for entry is the end of June 2023, with the leagues starting in mid-July.

  • 2023-05-16

    The Spring 2023 edition of the BGJ is now available for members to read in the Members' Area, with printed copies being sent out to those that receive them.

  • 2023-05-09

    The UK went into the last round of the Pandanet C-League with a slim chance of the top spot. This would occur if the team beat bottom of the league Georgia and leaders Ireland lost to Bulgaria. The UK team did their bit winning their match 3-1, with wins for Bruno, Alex and Jamie, whilst Scott lost. However Ireland managed a draw, after wins for Karl Irwin (played earlier) and John Courtney, but losses for Philippe Renaut and Matei Garcia. However later the Bulgarian board 4 player's results were discounted in all matches so Ireland gained an extra win as did the UK for their round 1 match. So the UK ended second, one point behind Ireland, and will have to play Finland in the play-off to get up to B-League again on 13th June.…