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Qualifiers for BGA Championship 2022 - updated from ratings on 07/09/2021

The following list identifies UK players who have met the British Championship rating criteria (GoR>=1900) during the current qualifying year. Please see the British Championship page for full details of other requirements including British residency and tournament attendance, which must be met in order to qualify.

The qualifiers table lists players in order of qualification date, and shows your rating details on the date you first qualified. If the list does not show, please ensure your URL has scheme http: and not https: (i)

Su, Jun4d4.1d2021/04/0324053Cambridge Uni
Zhang, Mark_Baoliang1k0.6k2021/04/03204538Manchester
Chen, Claire2d2.0d2021/05/0222011Oxford
Cobbold, Scott3k1.8k2021/04/26192436Wanstead
Mei, Leo_Kai5d5.0d2021/06/1925001No Club
Carter, Dylan1d1.2d2021/06/19211658Cardiff
McManus, Teddy1d1.1d2021/06/19210618Manchester
Guan, Ai1k1.2k2021/06/19198027Lancaster
Kent, Alex3d3.4d2021/06/04233947Durham
Kudla, Grzegorz1k1.8k2021/07/17192128Edinburgh
Bexfield, Alison1d0.8d2021/09/042078118Letchworth

Qualifiers for 2022: 11

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