How to Qualify for the British Go Championship

How to qualify is defined by the British Championship Rules.

A2   Eligibility

Members of the Association are eligible to play in the British Championships events, subject to the qualifying criteria for each competition and the discretion of Council, provided that:

  • they hold or are eligible to hold a British passport; or
  • on the 31st December of the year in question they expect to have been resident in the UK for five years, with no continuous absence exceeding six months. Amended by Council 2016-02-20


D2   Qualification

Qualification for the Candidates’ Tournament will be earned by playing all rounds in an EGF-rated tournament in the year ending 31st March and achieving an EGF rating of 1900 or higher at the end of that tournament. The tournament calendar can be checked to determine the last possible UK qualifying tournament.

Please note that deliberately entering an event at too high a grade just to get a 1900 rating will not be tolerated.

Council has the discretion to allow participation of other players in exceptional circumstances.

In addition to the above there shall be one reserve place made available to be activated only if there would otherwise be an odd number of players participating. If the position is activated, this player shall be treated as if they had qualified in their own right. The Championships’ Organiser shall be responsible for allocating this place.

D5 Practical Arrangements

Players wishing to enter the Candidates’ Tournament should determine for themselves if they qualify, but potential qualifiers may be sent, at the discretion of the Organizer, an invitation by email or letter to the address held on the BGA membership list. The Championships' Organiser may be consulted for advice about qualifying.


E1   Qualifying Tournaments

These are tournaments from which players may qualify for the Candidates’ Tournament stage of the British Championship.

E2   Tournament Conditions

In order to count as a Qualifying Tournament the following criteria must be met:

  • the tournament is EGF-rated
  • the tournament ends in the year ending 31st March prior to that Championship.

The lists of qualifiers show all players that have a valid rating after a UK qualifying tournament but do not check the other conditions of qualifying and eligibility.

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