Our Online Leagues

Go Board Picture Sadly our Online Leagues have not operated since 2017.

Our League Tournaments were designed to be played mainly over the Internet. The purpose was to encourage interaction between players in different areas of the country and to encourage online play amongst members of our Association.

The Team League started in October 2009. An Individual League ran from January 2011 to October 2012.

In order to widen the player base for the Team League and therefore increase the number of teams participating we also allowed a limited number of non-Association players to enter this league.

GoGoD Shield There was an entry fee to these leagues and the winner of Division 1 of the Team League each season held the GoGoD Shield. Originally each member of the winning Division 1 team received a GoGoD disk as part of their prize. The entry fees go into a prize fund, with prizes being awarded to the winners of each division.

To learn more about these Leagues visit our League site.

Team League Results

Individual League Results

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