Annual General Meeting

British Go Journal No. 65. July 1985. Page 3.

This years AGM was held as usual during the British Congress, on April 13, at Worcester. About fifty members attended, which was a good turnout, considering that the bar was nearly 200 yards away.

As mentioned in the last BGJ, a large number of changes were proposed to the constitution, although the new version is in fact notably shorter. The most significant change was that of incorporating a method for Index-linking BGA subscriptions. This generated a lot of discussion, but was eventually passed by a very handsome majority. The BGA council is now empowered to vary subscriptions in line with the RPI, with a five per cent leeway to ensure a round figure.

The reason for this change has only partially to do with sound finances. A number of AGM old hands had pointed out that each year the AGM tends to become bogged down in often sterile discussion about subscription levels, denying time for other, important business.

It was therefore suggested that instituting a mechanism for automatic adjustment of subs would deter the inevitable bar-room lawyer who throughout the year shows not a shred of interest in subscriptions, but at the AGM (after a pint or two at the bar) is suddenly fired with crusading zeal to knock 50p off the Committee's proposal.

The original proposals on subscription rates for 1986 also went through.

Another change which came in on an amendment is that the reference to a minimum number of registered players in a club has been deleted.

The AGM also saw the (unopposed) election of a new Committee - now known as the Council. Last year's President, Richard Granville, decided not to stand for the re-election, and has been replaced by Norman Tobin. Jeff Ansell was re-elected as Treasurer, but his tragic death while playing at Amsterdam has robbed us of his services. His post has been temporarily filled by Andrew Macpherson.

The full list of officers is as follows:
President : Norman Tobin
Secretary : Tony Atkins
Treasurer (acting) : Andrew Macpherson

Other Council members are: Mike Harvey (Membership Secretary); Mark Cumper (Tournament Co-ordinator), France Ellul, and Justine Lattimer. Mo Amin was re-elected as Auditor.

The AGM is also the time for balancing the books, and the current state of the purse is revealed below (Ed: not included here). As can be seen, we are neither insolvent, nor yet very flush.

The accounts clearly reveal how important membership subscriptions are to us, and the importance of stemming the drop in numbers. So come on club secretaries, do your stuff!

Membership of the British Go Association

1985 1984 1983 1982 1981 1980
No. of clubs 39 39 48 51 61 61
Club junior - - - - - 63
Club student 67 122 124 158 196 138
Club full 289 323 361 367 374 397
Unattached junior - - - - 16 3
Unattached full 42 67 44 85 77 86
Overseas 10 11 12 20 16 16
Total 408 523 541 630 679 703

The total for 1985 is not complete. Last year 70 people joined the BGA between mid-April and October, so the actual figure will be nearer 500, but is still likely to be down on last year.


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