A Dead Giant

British Go Journal No. 65. July 1985. Page 23a.

Black: Robert Rehm, 5d
White: Quentin Mills, 2d

The game-file in SGF format.

Robert Rehm was not playing at his best in Paris, and in this game he didn't really seem to be straining to win until too late. However, that should not detract from Quentin's efforts.

Figure 1 (1-51)

  • Up to 46 both players follow a consistent strategy. Black takes four corners, while white gets a side and influence. If anything, the slightly inefficient shape of White's upper group gives Black the edge.
Figure 2 (52-118)

117 at 111, 118 at 94.
  • At 57 Rehm tries to finish the game of quickly.
  • But 58 is a vigorous reply and things get tricky.
    In the ensueing fight white succeeds in cutting off Black's centre group, but it is not clear what he intended to do if 85' had been at 86.
  • White 90 and 92 are very sharp, and although black thrashes around furiously, he is unable to extricate his stones.


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