Some Go Equipment

Here are some sets and other Go equipment that have been available in the last few years in the UK. Some of these sets are no longer availble - see our page of advice for what might suit you or our main page on books and sets.

We have some usueful advice if you want to make your own set and another page of older Go sets that were available in the UK.

Our starter set for schools, in plastic ziptop bag, with plastic stones in plastic bags and laminated 9×9 board, is pictured here. The Quick Reference rules, devised for the UK Go Challenge, are on the reverse.

Reference G-BGA9, price £7.

A recommended starter set, nicely packaged in a box, with plastic stones and plywood 13×13 board with 9×9 on the reverse, is pictured here.

You can also get a 19x19 and 13x13 set and a 9x9 set.

Reference G-PT2B, price £22.

This is a starter set, nicely packaged in a tube, with plastic stones and 13×13 or 19x19 leatherette board. Similar products are available in all board sizes, or indeed all three sizes in a single tube at £38.

Reference for 13x13 set G-PT1, price £16;
19x19 set G-PT1C, price £28

The Intrepid Go Set from Go Game Guru. The stones are glass, 7 mm thick. The 19x19 laminated MDF folding board folds in half for portability and convenience. The hinges are brass and the two halves of the board are flush, both when the board is folded and when it is unfolded.

About £40.

8mm glass stones. The board is in two pieces, which are normally held together by a magnetic strip. The join is neat and almost invisible provided the playing surface is flat. It is here shown dismantled. It is has a 19×19 board on one side and has a 13x13 board on the other side.

Reference G-PT3A, price £80.

A full set of 360 plastic stones in plastic bowls.

Reference G-SSP, price £20.

Excellent value pair of rafia Go bowls able to take a full set of up to 10mm stones. Look particularly attractive with bamboo boards.

You can also get wooden bowls.

Reference G-D13, price £10.

You can also get magnetic Go Sets such one with a Shogi board reverse.
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