External Relations

Toby Manning

The aim of getting Go as well known with the British public as chess is a long way off; however that is the direction in which we are aiming. We do this by talking to the press and radio and TV with the aim of encouraging coverage of Go and Go events, and by lobbying local and national politicians, often in conjunction with other mind sports. The committee is always looking at new ways to get publicity.

We are also represented from time to time at appropriate exhibitions and fairs and we maintain an archive of books, magazines and publicity material for these purposes.

The Committee is also responsible for liason with the EGF, IGF and other international Go organsiations.

To contact an External Relations officer, email: external-chair@britgo.org

Role Job Description Person

The Archivist looks after our Archive which contains material relating to the history of the Association, including old minute books, and most English-language Go publications. The job includes maintaining an inventory of the contents of the archive. Please contact the Archivist before sending new items for inclusion in the archive.

Barry Chandler
Mind Sports Council

Represents the Association on the Mind Sports Council (English Chess Federation and English Bridge Union plus ourselves)

Toby Manning

Solicits and encourages Sponsorship for the Association and its events.

Jon Diamond
Sports and Recreation Alliance

Our representative to the Sports and Recreation Alliance (used to be called CCPR).

Toby Manning

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