Matt Marsh

Tournaments are an essential part of the UK Go Calendar, but nearly all are organised by autonomous Go clubs rather than by the BGA itself. The various British Championship and other British Championships, UK Go Challenge, British Open and the London Open are the main exceptions; being organised by, or on behalf of, the Association. The Tournaments Committee exists to promote and co-ordinate all tournaments, except those specifically designed for youths, which are covered by the Youth Committee.

Normally, we provide help and advice on the timing of tournaments and will list tournament details on the our web site. Association-owned equipment (boards, stones, clocks, draw program and computer) may be loaned for tournaments and a guide for tournament organisers is provided. See the job descriptions of the Tournament Co-ordinator and the Tournament Equipment Co-ordinator for more details.

To contact a Tournaments officer, email:

Role Job Description Person
British Go Congress Organiser
Toby Manning
Championships Organiser

Responsible for co-ordinating the organisation of the various UK titles: the British Go Championship and the Youth and Pair Go events. The duties are detailed in the Rules for the British Championships.

Matt Marsh
Draw Program Maintainer

GoDraw is the program that provides the draw for our McMahon organised tournaments. It has a Windows interface and is constantly being improved. You can download GoDraw via the BGA software pages.

Geoff Kaniuk
London Open Organiser

Organises the joint London Go Centre and British Go Association team running the London Open Tournament.

Gerry Gavigan
Pandanet Go European Team Championship - Team Captain

Captains our team in the Pandanet Go European Team Championship.

Responsible for arranging and submitting the UK team list at the beginning of the season (starts in September), liaising with the PGETC organisers, arranging the dates of matches with the opposing team captains and the UK players (from the team list).

Sandy Taylor
Referee Training

Suggests and encourages referee training and provides material for referee courses.

Geoff Kaniuk
Stacey Points

Maintains the list of players' Stacey Points.

Jim Clare
Tournament Co-ordinator

Maintains our Tournament Calendar and provides support to tournament organisers. As there are less than 52 events in a year, there is an attempt to smooth out the calendar so some months are not too crowded with events. Certainly there should not normally be two events the same weekend, and especially not the same day.

To choose a date for your tournament, look at the calendar to see what is available, taking note of the geographic spread of events in a particular month as well as the date. Then check with the coordinator that your date is suitable and it will be added to the calendar, provisionally until you confirm the date and provide more information.

If your date is acceptable as fitting into our calendar, then the tournament will be listed and you will able to borrow our tournament equipment and even get assistance with running your event. In return you will be expected to pay the Tournament Levy and provide the results of your event electronically to us (primarily for rating purposes).

Tony Atkins
Tournament Equipment

Responsible for organising the loan of our tournament equipment. This usually travels in multiples of 12 (often with 15 clocks).

You will need to arrange for sufficient sets to be brought to your event. This may mean your having to collect equipment from the last event or elsewhere. If you wish to borrow our draw computer that can also be arranged.

Matt Marsh
Tournament Results

Collects the results from all UK tournaments and ensures that they are sent to the Web Site Editor for the results section and to the European ratings system in the correct format.

Geoff Kaniuk

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