Pandanet Go European Team Championship 2011/2012

Tournament Name
Pandanet Go European Team Championship
Tournament Date
Tue, 27 Sep 2011 - Sat, 30 Jun 2012
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This is the second season of a team competition played online on Pandanet (IGS) in its own room called "EuropeanTeamChamp". Pandanet sponsor the League and the top four teams attending over-the-board finals at the European Go Congress.

The UK team is captained by William Brooks, assisted by Andrew Simons. Matches are four players a side, made up of available players from the registered team. The league is split into three divisions, originally by average rating of the best team members, but with promotion/demotion from last year. The UK is in the B League. Games are played every four weeks or so.

For more information visit Pandanet Go European Team Championship.

Full season results and league tables

UK results for other seasons

British Team (and IGS Handles)

in Rating List order as of 8th September

  1. Matthew Macfadyen (Macfadyen) - 1 loss
  2. Bei Ge (Folders) - 1 win, 3 losses
  3. Vanessa Wong ()
  4. Chong Han (Saligia7) - 3 wins, 2 losses
  5. Simon Shiu ()
  6. Des Cann (Shuko) - 4 wins, 3 losses
  7. Alex Selby (Icecream) - 2 wins, 2 losses
  8. Jon Diamond (mumps) - 3 wins, 1 loss
  9. Nick Krempel (ndkrempel)
  10. Andrew Simons (Uberdude) - 5 wins, 2 losses
  11. David Ward (Humblepie) - 1 loss
  12. David Lee (Alligato) - 1 win

Final score: 3 wins, 2 losses, 4 draws

Tuesday 27 September - Lost to Belgium 3:1

  1. Bei Ge lost to Lucas Neirynck
  2. Des Cann lost to Jan Ramon
  3. Alex Selby lost to Nelis Vets
  4. Andrew Simons beat Kwinten Missiae

Tuesday 18 October - Drew with Austria 2:2

  1. Bei Ge beat Bernhard Scheid
  2. No game against Wolfgang Krames
  3. Alex Selby lost to Jürgen Suntinger
  4. Andrew Simons beat Schayan Hamrah

Tuesday 15 November - Drew with Serbia 2:2

  1. Matthew Macfadyen lost to Dusan Mitic
  2. Bei Ge lost to Nikola Mitic
  3. Des Cann beat Mijodrag Stankovic
  4. Jon Diamond beat Milos Bojanic

Tuesday 13 December - Lost to Israel 3:1

  1. Bei Ge lost to Ali Jabarin
  2. Jon Diamond lost to Amir Fragman
  3. Andrew Simons beat Leonid Entin
  4. Dave Ward lost to Ofer Zivony

Tuesday 24 January - Drew with Switzerland 2:2

  1. Chong Han lost to John Walch
  2. Des Cann beat Lorenz Trippel
  3. Alex Selby beat Félicien Mazille
  4. Andrew Simons lost to Sebastien Ott

Tuesday 21 February - beat Finland 3:1

  1. Chong Han beat Vesa Laatikainen
  2. Des Cann lost to Antti Holappa
  3. Jon Diamond beat Pekka Lajunen
  4. Andrew Simons beat Oiva Moisio

Tuesday 20 March - beat Slovenia 4:0

  1. Chong Han beat Leon Matoh
  2. Des Cann beat Gregor Butala
  3. Alex Selby beat Tamar Cefarin
  4. Jon Diamond beat Andrej Kralj

Tuesday 17 April - Drew with Slovakia 2:2

  1. Chong Han lost to Pavol Lisy
  2. Des Cann lost to Maros Kral
  3. Andrew Simons beat Marian Hrdina
  4. David Lee beat Miroslav Poliak

Tuesday 22 May - beat Denmark 3:1

  1. Chong Han beat Kasper Hornbaek
  2. Des Cann beat Thomas Heshe
  3. Andrew Simons lost to Uffe Rasmussen
  4. David Lee beat Arne Ohlenbusch (no show)
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