Transfer your membership

The BGA is converting to a Company Limited by Guarantee

Most of you won't notice any change, and you'll transfer to the new company when you renew. There are more details about how the conversion will take place here.

If you want to transfer straight away, fill in your details below to let us know.

Family Members: Both adults (but not the children) will need to complete this form separately.

Youth Players: You do not need to complete this form; you will be transferred automatically when you renew.

By transferring you agree that:
  • You are 18 years old or over
  • You are prepared to contribute £1 in the event that the BGA becomes insolvent
  • You will notify the BGA of any changes to your email address, and understand that the BGA has no obligation to send you communications by other means than email (but may do so at its discretion)
  • You will comply with the BGA's Code of Conduct