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These short explanatory pieces were originally written as fill-ins for the British Go Journal by Tony Atkins and appeared between 2000 and 2003 (issues 121-130). He wrote
"Recently I received a letter from a BGA member who had risen to nearly dan level, but confessed to knowing little about the Go scene in Japan and elsewhere in the far east. He was not clear on many things, for instance: "What's the difference between a Sensei, Gosei and Go Seigen?" Although the British Go Journal (BGJ) has often contained in-depth articles on various topics, it was claimed that there had not been anything such as a glossary for novices. This series will hopefully build up such a glossary and help prevent our player from being in the dark."

There is also an alphabetical index.

Professional Titles

  • Oriental Names
  • Sensei
  • Go Seigen
  • Big Seven Tournaments
  • Kisei
  • Meijin
  • Honinbo
  • Judan
  • Tengen
  • Oza
  • Gosei
  • Women's Professional Tournaments

International Tournaments and Publications

  • Toyota Tour
  • Fujitsu Cup
  • Ing Cup
  • Japanese Magazines
  • Yearbooks

Grand Prix and Trophies

  • Stacey Grand Prix
  • Weak Kneed Dans Grand Prix
  • Youth Grand Prix
  • Japan Points
  • Nippon Club Cup
  • Trophies

Professionals and International Organisations

  • The Nihon Ki-in
  • The Kansai Ki-in
  • Hankuk Kiwon (KBA)
  • International Go Federation
  • Insei
  • Oteai
  • Western Professionals
  • EGCC

Biographies of some Professionals who visited UK between 1999 and 2002

  • Michael Redmond
  • Shigeno Yuki
  • Magari Reiki
  • Haruyama Isamu
  • O Rissei
  • Ryu Shikun
  • Umezawa Yukari
  • Inori Yoko
  • Kudo Norio
  • Kato Masao
  • Osawa Narumi

Tournament Pairings

  • What's a McMahon Tournament?
  • What's the Bar?
  • What is drawing up and down?
  • Why do I play white against stronger opponents?
  • Why do I have to play handicap games at tournaments?
  • Why do I get to play someone from my own club?
  • What do the columns on the results sheet mean?
  • Are there computer programs for the draw?

Rule Sets

  • Chinese Rules
  • Japanese Rules
  • Korean Rules
  • New Zealand Rules
  • Ing Rules
  • AGA Rules

Trusts, Funds and Supporter Schemes

  • Castledine-Barnes Trust
  • Former Castledine Trust
  • Former Susan Barnes Trust
  • Friends of Go
  • Friends of the London Open
  • Pair Go Promotion Partners
  • British Pair Go Promotion Partners
  • Ing Fund
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