Minor Go References in Novels

Memoirs of a Geisha Intuition
Arthur Golden mentions the playing of Go twice in "Memoirs of a Geisha" (1997). "Intuition" by Allegra Goodman (2006) is set in a cancer research lab. On page 164 two characters are playing Go: "Jacob and Aaron sat playing go on towels in the sand".
Cover of Caliban's War Cover of Rollback

"Caliban's War" by James S. A. Corey (2012) is the second book in the Expanse science fiction series about a conflict between earth, mars, asteroid belt and a mysterious alien force. Chapter 30, page 331, features a discussion about the political game being played. Avasarala, a senior UN politician says: "The level we're playing at has different rules. It’s like playing go. It’s all about exerting influence. Controlling the board without occupying it."

"Rollback" by Robert J Sawyer (2007) has a brief mention. Don and Sarah are talking in the restaurant (chapter 7). Don wanted to have Peter De Jager over sometime, he always liked playing Go.

There are many novels with passing references to Go. The following list has not been verified as to the content, but is taken from Sensei's Library.

A Girl Like You Maureen Lindley
Black Steel Steve Perry
Death of a Red Heroine Qiu Xiaolong
Demons at Rainbow Bridge Jack Chalker
Dome Michael Reeves and Steve Perry
Dream of the Red Chamber Cao Xueqin
Endymion Dan Simmons
Even Cowgirls Get the Blues Tom Robbins
Farside Cannon Roger MacBride Allen
Forever War Joe Haldeman
Four in One Damon Knight
Gai-Jin James Clavell
Go Holly Uyemoto
Grey Area Will Self
Gust Front John Ringo
House of Leaves Mark Z. Danielewski
House of Suns Alastair Reynolds
Inconstant Star Poul Anderson
Inherent Vice Thomas Pynchon
Intuition Allegra Goodman
Knight Moves Walter Jon Williams
Komoku Daniel Gilbert
Lunar Descent Allen Steele
Memoirs of a GeishaArthur Golden
Never Buried Edie Claire
Pawn to Infinity (story "PatG") Fred Saberhagen
Prima Belladonna J.G. Ballard
Revolt! Christopher Anvil
Rogue Star Michael Flynn
RollbackRobert J. Sawyer
Runaway Horses Yukio Mishima
Shell Game Sara Paretsky
Shockwave Rider John Brunner
Spindoc Steve Perry
Stand On Zanzibar John Brunner
Starplex Robert J. Sawyer
The Andomeda Evolution Daniel H. Wilson
The Book of Loss Julith Jedamus
The Cat Who Walks Through Walls Robert Heinlein
The Chessboard Cherry Tree R. Gordon Smith (translator)
The Children's Hour Jerry Pournelle & S. M. Stirling
The Deep Deep Freeze Willian Garner
The Knight of Chains, The Deuce of Stars Yoon Ha Lee
The Monarch of the Glen Neil Gaiman
The Musashi Flex Steve Perry
The Naked and the Dead Norman Mailer
The Silicon Man Charles Platt
The Tale of MurasakiLiza Dalby
The Tattoo Murder Case Akimitsu Takagi
The Terminal Experiment Robert Sawyer
The Tokaido Road Lucia St. Clair Robson
The Years of Rice and Salt Kim Stanley Robinson
Trouble's What I Do Walter Mosley
Utopia Avenue David Mitchell
1636: The China Venture Eric Flint and Iver P. Cooper

Some science fiction books refer to games that sound like Go, but give it another name, for example Brian Staveley's "Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne" refers to "a game of stones" and Yoon Ha Lee's "Raven Strategem" in the Machineries of Empire" trilogy refers to "pattern stones".

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