Help using RSS for our News feed

This page will contain a growing set of tips as to how to get our RSS feed working in the best way for you. You can recognise an RSS feed by the standard icon to the right:

Google provides an RSS 101 help page

There is a discussion on the future of RSS and various readers

Solutions independent of the type of computer

Email client software

There's at least one service that converts RSS feeds into email for you:

This is the easiest way of getting our News in your email system, so if you're uncomfortable with other ways described below or they don't work for you why don't you try this?

Use Google Reader

Google used to have a reader, but this was discontinued.


Mozilla Firefox has a very nice feature: Live Bookmarks. With Live Bookmarks you can see the item titles of an RSS web feed ("headlines") in your bookmarks. This way you can stay in touch with sites without visiting them all the time.

Subscribing to an RSS web feed is as simple as creating a Live Bookmark. And to make life even easier Firefox can auto detect some feeds, and provide a shortcut for subscribing.

When you visit a site and you see the orange icon in the bottom right part of the Mozilla Firefox browser window (the status bar), or if you are using version 1.5 or newer, in the right most part of the address bar.

Otherwise just go to our RSS page and it should ask you to Subscribe.

The are also several RSS add-ons for Firefox, the two most popular being

Windows computers

Internet Explorer 7 and 8

When you visit our website, the Feeds button will change color, letting you know that feeds are available. Click the Feeds button, and then click the feed you want to see.

IE has a built-in News Reader. You view feeds on the Feeds tab in the Favorites Center. To view your feeds in Internet Explorer 8, click the Favorites button, and then click Feeds. In Internet Explorer 7, click the Favorites Center button, and then click Feeds.

Internet Explorer provides the Common Feed List to other programs. This allows you to subscribe to feeds with Internet Explorer and read them in other programs, such as e‑mail clients, or the Windows Sidebar. The Windows Live Mail email client is one of these and people say that it provides a much better experience than reading the feed directly in Internet Explorer.

Linux computers

If you're using the Evolution email reader

There's a plugin:

Macintosh computers

System 10.8 and previously

Go to Safari Preferences and click on the RSS tab, then choose which application will be your default RSS reader - normally Mail and Safari will be there.

Click on our link. If Safari is your choice then our feed appears in a structured page. If Mail is your choice, then a new box appears which allows you Add our feed to your RSS selections underneath all the Mailboxes, and voila! The Mail application will now show our news items here on a regular basis without you having to fetch them.

System 10.9 (Mavericks) onwards

Please go to the App Store and search for RSS. There are several applications providing this facility - RSS Notifier (free) has been used successfully.


Download and use the Facebook application, then search for the British Go Association page.

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