Go in Britain: 1965

John Barrs reported that his unique British shodan diploma was coming under threat. Young players had been encouraged by the European Go Congress and the visit from professional Sanno in 1964. Clubs had started in that year in Monmouth, Oxford University and a public school in Lanarkshire. Dr. I. J. Good of Trinity College Oxford, was concerned about ungentlemanly play by restarting after passing so as to win on time. His suggestion was to add five minutes of time on such a restart.

An article by Dr Good was published in the New Scientist magazine on 21st January entitled "The Magic of Go". Following this he appeared on television on "Time Out" on 4th February describing the rules of Go.

In Britain John Barrs' BGA had 100 members of which 50 were in London. Berlin, however, could claim 80 members and there were 300 throughout Germany.

The ninth European Go Congress was in Mnisek pod Brdy (just south of Prague) and saw a tie between Jurgen Mattern (Germany), Max Rebattu (Netherlands) and J. Dueball (Germany). Plans were well under way for the tenth European Go Congress to be held in Eltham, London.

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