36th European Go Congress 1992: Compendium of Games

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Hitachi European Go Congress, Canterbury, 1992

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Edited by Tony Atkins and Brian Timmins, BGA 1994


Over a year has passed since the 36th European Go Congress took place at Canterbury. To commemorate the event the British Go Association have commisioned this publication. Contained within are reports, results and photographs of the event which we hope will bring back many memories for those who were there. For those who were not they provide a historic record of what was a most enjoyable and successful congress.

The second aim of this publication is to provide teaching by providing game records from 42 of the congress games. All the games are previously unpublished in Britain. Included are seven of the most crucial top-borad games without commentary for private study, five games with short summaries and 30 games with full commentaries provided by well-known British dan players. The games are for a mixture of grades and are selected for their interest value. No deliberate policy has been applied of selecting games by player or by country - except the rule that if we don't have your game record we can't do a commentary!

I like to take this opportunity to thank Hitachi and all our other sponsors for supporting the event, and also the eight professional players, the 356 players and uncountable visitors and friends who came from 27 different countries in the northern hemisphere, without whom the congress could not have happened.

I would like to thank those who helped produce this booklet: Simon Rudd for selecting the games and getting the dan players to comment; Des Cann, Alex Rix, Francis Roads, Mark Hall, Dave Sutton and the members of Reading Go Club for helping write commentaries, Brian Timmins for kindly editing the finished publication and all those players who leant us their game records. If you think you leant us a record that you want back, let me know the details and I will see if it is one we still have and return it to you.

Finally an advert for those of you with computers. If you would like a disc of games in Ishi (GoScribe) format then send me a 3.25inch disc and I will send you a copy of the games and text files by return.

I hope you enjoy what now follows.

Tony Atkins 23/10/93
Chairman, Canterbury Committee

Guest List

  • Nakayama Noriyuki 6p (Nihon Ki-in): Many will remember him for his visits to the Edinburgh and Terschelling congresses. The previous five years had seen him at the US Congress. He is author of The Treasure Chest Enigma.
  • Shirae Haruhiko 7p (Nihon Ki-in): Brought a tour party of Japanese amateurs. On his previous trip to the West he played 102 simultaneous games in Paris.
  • Inoue Shusaku 5p (Kansai Kiin): He is very keen to teach Go, especially to weaker players.
  • Mito Yukari 1p (Nihon Ki-in): She made a short visit whilst travelling in Europe.
  • Yuan Yunsheng 7p (China): He has toured Central Europe as guest of the German Go Federation.
  • Tan Yanwu 7p (China): A friend of Zhang Shutai. He was fourth recently in the All-China Championships.
  • Liang Weitang 7p (China)
  • Feng Yun 7p (China): Many will remember her as the lady professional at Hamburg.
  • Bruce Wilcox: A computer professional and Go teacher from America. Well known as author of Nemesis, he lectured on his Instant Go theory during the first week.
  • Shirakami Hisashi: Led a tour party with Inoue and was official representative of the Kansai Ki-in, He is known as a good friend of Western players when they visit Osaka.
  • Taki Hiroko: From the International Amateur Pair Go Organising Committee and, with Sato Akiko, a leading proponent of Pair Go.
  • Nozawa Tasuo: Consellor Director of the Japanese Information and Cultural Centre at the Embassy in London.
  • Wang Gu-Lin: A Counsellor at the Chinese Cultural Centre at the Embassy in London.
  • Wang Xiao-Ning: Second secretary at the Chinese Embassy in London.
  • Fujitaka and Tsurodome: representatives of Asahi Shimbun,
  • Shirasuka Motoki: Managing director of Hitachi Europe Leasing.
  • Nakayama Yasuo: Shodan and General Manager of the Public and Investor Relations Secretary's Office of Hitachi Europe.

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