UK-China Youth League 2023

Tournament Name
Junior-China Match
Tournament Date
Sat, 25 Mar - Sun, 16 Apr 2023
From March to April, two leagues are being played containing 6 and 8 young (under 15) UK players and 6 and 8 players from the Chinese team 李昂奕道 "Li Ang Yi Dao", organised by Go teacher Li Ang, that we played against in the China Match 2020 . The games were played on OGS (/group/12993), with KGS British Room as a backup, and normally games are at 12:30 UK time on Saturday and Sunday. Time limits are 1 hour plus 10x 1 minute byoyomi, under Chinese rules and random colour selection.


Games shown "v" are still to play.

A League Results/Table

Match drawn 18-18

11Sung Hee LimUK10+9+5+3-6+8+5
2Michael Mitcham-HardingUK5-3+6+8+10+9+5
3Bochen NieCN12+2-11+1+4+7+5
4Alain CheungUK8+10+9+5+3-6+5
55Yuxuan WenCN2+11+1-4-7+12+4
66Lexi YouCN7+12+2-11+1-4-3
7Gene WongUK6-8+10+9+5-3-3
88Muwen ChenCN4-7-12+2-11+1-2
9Yezhuo DuCN11+1-4-7-12+2-2
10Zheyu QiuCN1-4-7-12+2-11+2
1111Aiden ChongUK9-5-3-6-8-10-0
12Audrey FungUK3-6-8-10-9-5-0
B League Results/Table

Final score: China 30 - UK 32

11Yunya YeCN12+9+10+11+13+3-7+6+7
2Xiching ZhangCN11+13+3+7-6+12+9+10+7
3Aidan FungUK14+4+2-16+15+1+5+8+7
44Zizhong LuCN13+3-7v6+12+9+10+11+6
55Minghe ZhaoCN6-12+9+10+11+13+3-7-5
6Lukasz KudlaUK5+8+14+4-2-16+15+1-5
7Andrew VolovichUK8v14+4v2+16+15+1-5+5
88Tingxu JiCN7v6-12+9-10+11+13+3-4
9Emily LiUK15+1-5-8+14+4-2-16+4
1010Emily GanUK16+15+1-5-8-14+4-2-3
11Odysseas Jones-RoumeliotisUK2-16+15+1-5-8-14+4-3
12King Hee LimUK1-5-8-14+4-2-16+15+3
1313Samantha QuigleyUK4-2-16+15+1-5-8-14-2
1414Muqing NiuCN3-7-6-12-9-10-11-13+1
1515Weichen LiuCN9-10-11-13-3-7-6-12-0
16Ruosen YangCN10-11-13-3-7-6-12-9-0

During the league Wei Yibin replaced Liu Weichen in B group who had played rounds 1, 3 and 4.

The Teams

China A

  1. Nie Bochen
  2. Wen Yuxuan
  3. Qiu Zheyu
  4. You Lexi
  5. Chen Muwen
  6. Du Yezhuo


  1. Alain Cheung
  2. Gene Wong
  3. Sung Hee Lim
  4. Michael Mitcham-Harding
  5. Audrey Fung
  6. Aiden Chong

China B

  1. Lu Zizhong
  2. Zhang Xiching
  3. Ye Yunya
  4. Ji Tingxu
  5. Niu Muqing
  6. Yang Ruosen
  7. Wei Yibin
  8. Zhao Minghe


  1. Aidan Fung
  2. Andrew Volovich
  3. Lukasz Kudla
  4. King Hee Lim
  5. Emily Li
  6. Emily Gan
  7. Odysseas Jones-Roumeliotis
  8. Samantha Quigley
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