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Uses of a Dead Go Stone

This comes from an article in the British Go Journal (BGJ). For the full list of 101 uses, see page 42 of BGJ number 112 (Autumn 1998).

  • Door stop in a doll's house
  • Spare wheel for a toy car
  • Ammunition for a catapult
  • Drop it down a well to measure the depth
  • Use as eye for a snowman
  • Weightlifting equipment for an ant
  • To keep your toes apart when putting nail varnish on
  • Stick under shoe to make a noise when tap-dancing
  • Base for a subbuteo player
  • Carry a white stone at night to be seen in the dark

... and a new one from Worcester ...

  • Scrape the candle-wax from the Go board after an all-night session

Go Programs

A fun free program is Igowin. This is a 9x9 version of the "Many Faces of Go" commercial program. As you win or lose games against it, it keeps a rough estimate of your grade at the top right of the window.

Jokes and Silly Stuff

Q: How many Go players does it take to change a light bulb?

A: Just one, but only if the ladder works.


Q: Why did the Cyclops die?

A: Because it only had one eye.


Q: What is the best advice ever given when playing a board game?

A: Do not pass Go! (in Monopoly)


Q: Why was the 9x9 Go Ban fed up?

A: Because he was a little board!


Q: Why was playing Go on the floor allowed?

A: Because there was no Ban.


Q: What handicap did God give Moses upon Mount Sinai?

A: Two stones!


Q: Why did the Go players play Go in a thunder storm?

A: They were practising for a lightning tournament!


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