Junior Match Against Hong Kong 2023

Tournament Name
Junior-HK Match
Tournament Date
Sat, 14 Oct - Sun, 31 Dec 2023

On 14th October we start a third match on KGS between thirteen British youth players and a team of thirteen Chinese children from Hong Kong Children's Go College. This will carry on for several weeks with usually two games each weekend at 10:00 each day or 09:30 on winter time. The format, as in the first two matches, is that of last team standing, like the former China-Japan Supergo Matches, with the winner of each game staying on. The games are played online in the KGS British Room, with Chinese Rules with 30 minutes main time + 3 x 30 seconds byoyomi and komi is 7.5 points. The British team was selected from our list of young players, taking those who were active, settled in the UK and who replied to the invitation. The HK team plays under username "hkteam".

Result (UK team named first):

  • Ching Lok To lost to Marsha Lau by 33.5 - Saturday 14th October
  • Odysseas Jones-Romeliotis lost to Marsha Lau (game scored wrongly) - Sunday 15th October
  • Aiden Chong beat Marsha Lau by resignation - Saturday 21st October
  • Aiden Chong lost to Lam Yat Hei by 100.5 - Sunday 22nd October
  • Taher Anjari lost to Lam Yat Hei by 100.5 - Sunday 29th October
  • Emily Li lost to Lam Yat Hei by 63.5 - Saturday 4th November
  • King Hee Lim lost to Lam Yat Hei by time - Sunday 5th November
  • Lukasz Kudla lost to Lam Yat Hei by time - Saturday 18th November
  • Audrey Fung lost to Lam Yat Hei by 29.5 - Sunday 19th November
  • Michael Mitcham-Harding beat Lam Yat Hei by 7.5 - Saturday 25th November
  • Michael Mitcham-Harding beat Gustavo Tse by 197.5 - Sunday 26th November
  • Michael Mitcham-Harding lost to Hanlin Hui by resignation - Saturday 2nd December
  • Sung Hee Lim beat Hanlin Hui by 12.5 - Sunday 3rd December
  • Sung Hee Lim vs Marcus Chan Fat Him - 09:30 Saturday 9th December
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