Some Go Sites in English

Listed in an arbitrary order, these are all offsite links.

British Go sites, are listed separately.

This page does not include Go servers or Suppliers of Go books and equipment.

There is of course the American Go Association and most international Go association websites are in English - you can access them via the International Go Federation website or some of those via European Go Federation site.



Online learning platform

Jan van der Steen’s

An extensive library of professional game records, player biographies, Go history and current events, and articles about Go technique.

Sensei’s Library

This is a Wiki Wiki Web site, meaning that anyone can edit and add new sections to it. Lots of excellent information has already been added.

Kaz Sensei

This is the teaching site of kazunari Furuyama 8d.


Site for young Go players in several European languages

Life in 19x19 Forum

English language Go forum

Reddit Forum

Reddit forum

English language Go forum

Baduk Club

Arrange meet ups and world club map

All About Go

Go blogs and various resources and links.

GoTools Online


A web interface to Thomas Wolf's GoTools. It solves simple problems in seconds.

Tiger's Mouth

An American Go website for children

Joseki Dictionary

Online joseki dictionary.

Go Problems

A collection of Go problems with time trials at different levels.

Go Problems

Black To Play

A growing collection of Go problems updated daily.

Go4Go database

Huge collection of Go game records, daily updates, pro commentaries

Sanrensei Info

Alex Dinerchtein's site about sanrensei openings.

Guo Juan's Internet Go School

Audio and other Go lectures by Guo Juan, 5p.

Go Variants

Go variants

Other rule sets, boards and pieces and so on are listed here.

David Carlton’s book reviews

Reviews of some Go books.
Computer Go

Results of computer Go tournaments since 1984.

Trad Games

Entry for Go at Trad Games site. Site describes lots of games.

International Network Go Association

Correspondence Go society with forum.

Kuro Ki Go Ishi Ten

Kuro Ki Go Ishi Ten

Videos on traditional manufacture of Go equipment.
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