International Students Events

From Martin Stiassny, President EGF

International University Go Tournament (for students only)

Just now this tournament is running in Hongkong for the first time. About 10 seats were reserved for Europe in this completely new tournament under the lead of the Ing-Foundation. As far as I know at least 4 players from Europe are participating. Similar to the WAGC the organizers don’t pay the travelling expenses, but all local costs. This tournament is not only reserved for strong players, every student can participate. In Korea I talked to Mr. Minghaw Ying, the son of the late Mr. Ing Chang-ki. He explained that this tournament would happen every year in the first half of July, 2015 in Taiwan (city is not decided yet). After 2016 he plans to organize this tournament in other countries than Japan, Korea and China. With this tournament we get an exciting new event, please spread the message in your countries.  The EGF executive-board already decided to support the European Student Champion 2013, Marko Peter from Hungary, by covering part of his travelling-expenses to Hongkong. Additional we fixed that the European Student Champion 2014 (championship in Toulouse in September) will be nominated for this tournament in 2015, while the EGF will pay the flight-ticket. We are very happy about this new tournament of the Ing Foundation. Now we can offer our European Student Champion an attractive prize.

Pair-Go for Students

Starting at this year’s 25th Anniversary Championship in Tokyo as an additional side-event for 8 pairs from far-east countries, the Pair-Go Association will organize every year a special competition for student-pairs. From 2015 on also pairs from Europe and US and ... will be invited. The conditions will be the same like already known, 50% of the flight-ticket will be paid the organizer.

So here we get another additional new event for students. Probably I will get more information about this competition in October 2014 in Tokyo. At the moment I don’t know how many pairs from Europe will be invited and for which month this competition is planned. But as we don’t have a European Pair-Go competition for students we have to develop a plan in the EGF how to “find” our student-pairs for 2015 ff.

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