Against Finland again Alison only winner

Pandanet Go European Team Championship
Tue, 4 May 2021

For the second match in a row in the B-League, Alison Bexfield was the team's star player, with the only win. Finland thus won the match three games to one. Germany won their match which moved the team down to fifth position, with just one match to go.

League Page with game records

Alex Kent wrote of his game against Javier-Aleksi Savolainen: I lost my game by resignation. The opening had an interesting bit of symmetry on the bottom side which meant it was miai to lean on the each of our 3-4 stones. I gave my opponent too much scope to lean on (and potentially separate) the top side, so I fell a bit behind. My assessment was that I was nearly alive in the centre so my opponent's wall wasn't worth as much, but this proved to be inaccurate! I should probably have tried to treat my central stones more lightly. As the game progressed I was keeping an eye on whether I could attack the stones on the left side but never really got an opportunity. Later on the game got pretty complicated just as I entered time trouble and I died a bit.

Jon Diamond wrote of his game played early against Tuomas Hella: Not so bad today. I created a moyo on the top which he then tried to reduce by playing deeply inside. Eventually he lived by destroying it, but giving me thickness plus a few stones to take aim at later. I then reduced his corner to 7-8 points, but in return my group on the side became about the same, whilst I was ensuring my upper central group had eyes or could get out. This led to a squabble over his central stones. He squeezed one side out a bit, whilst trying to threaten the upper stones again. I was a bit more careful than usual until I played a bit quickly when he extended from his bamboo joint, immediately followed by another mistake allowing him to connect everything and potentially killing my group - oops. All hands to the pump to save my group now! Sadly, my corner tesuji didn’t quite work, so a quiet resignation was necessary. If only...

Jamie Taylor wrote of his game against Henry Hemming: My opponent opened with double 6-4 points, so I was sure I was going to lose a bunch of points playing 6-4 sequences that he knew but I didn't. After a little bit of tame opening, pretty much exactly that happened and I quite badly miscalculated a complex sequence on the top left. My opponent played a couple of slack moves after, letting me more or less catch up, but then I took my chance to invade the top right and misplayed that too, leaving me with a weakish group and not a lot of points. I tried to make points in the centre while running, which went better than it should have, but not well enough to put me within reach of having enough. In the end, I lost by 31.5 points.

Alison Bexfield wrote about her game against Olli Ervelä: My game started peacefully. I was black and adopted a moyo strategy. My opponent tried to box me in and develop his own central moyo but we fought over it and I came out into the centre connected. We fought a ko which turned to be quite large when I ignored a ko threat that killed a small corner of mine to take the ko and kill a larger group of his. After that it was all over for him and although we played on a bit he eventually resigned due to lack of territory.

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